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New Life House is an accurate name for this amazing Sober Living.  It really gives our sons who have been struggling with addiction a New...

I had mixed emotions when I moved into New Life House. I had my own idea of what being in a structured sober living would be like. I pictured a residence where I could use the internet, talk on my cell phone, date girls, go outside, get a new job… Basically I imagined my life the same as before treatment, but without drugs and alcohol. When I found out that all of the things I held dear were going to be taken away, I was angry to say the least. What I didn’t know is that those things were holding me back from the growth I would need to achieve true happiness. To learn how to stay sober, I would need a break from the life of distractions I once had.

Sometimes I have troubles remembering just how hard things were for me when I was loaded. In sobriety I have been granted all of the things I would have given anything to obtain before. My life is much better, and it seems to get better day by day. But, no matter how good things get, life can still find a way to be difficult. When a curve ball gets thrown in my direction it’s easy for me to overlook what I had been through, and just how lucky I am today.

Why is there always so much emphasis on "age-specific" sober living or treatment? Does it really make that much of a difference when choosing a recovery program, especially when there is such a large number of treatment centers and sober living environments that are neither gender nor age specific?

When my son entered New Life House and made his 90 day commitment, I had no idea about the commitment we all were making to his New Life.   I was warned not to have expectations of taking my son out to go skiing or take a family trip.  That wasn’t really my worry.  You see, we really didn’t want to schedule family time with him at that time.

Los Angeles can get a bad rap in a lot of ways. The city and some of its areas have often carried reputations for partying - Hollywood, crime - Compton, and overpriced real estate - Malibu. So it makes sense that someone would do a double take when told that it is probably the single biggest hotbed of sober young people in America. With all that considered, is it the right place for someone to attend sober living, one of the most formative stages in a young person's recovery?