Why So Cal?


Why should you choose a Sober Living in Southern California?

Southern California is home to one of the largest and active sober communities in the country. There are over 3,000 12 Step meetings in the greater Los Angeles area weekly. Becoming and maintaining sobriety is often made possible through active involvement in a recovery community. Sober Living in Southern California is ideal for young people looking for a fresh start.

A Sober Community for Young Adults

Young people in recovery are fortunate to find a very dynamic, interesting recovery community throughout Greater Los Angeles and Southern California.

There are various committees of young, sober, excited individuals who host events and activities for other young people in sobriety. These include trips to Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, roller-skating, beach trips, dances and huge “young peoples” conventions with hundreds, sometimes thousands of sober young people in attendance. Young adults find excitement for life and fun is enhanced through sobriety and friendships with others who are also working a program.

Get in on the fun.

New Life House utilizes the general community to provide opportunities for education, recreation, and the chance to develop skills to make good choices determining what activities are healthy or wise for them. House members are allowed to take advantage of appropriate activities as they demonstrate readiness. Options are discussed with staff prior to consent being given. Residents typically attend with other house members who are further along in their recovery.

Sober Living in Southern California


The Los Angeles area has endless, diverse options for recreation and entertainment without sacrificing one’s recovery.

Los Angeles is home to famous sights such as Hollywood Boulevard, the Santa Monica Pier as well as landmark museums such as the Getty Center, the Museum of Natural History and the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits. Los Angeles is also home to the LA Kings, LA Lakers and the Staples Center where each of their home games are held. There are many options for outdoor activities located near Los Angeles including hiking in Runyon Canyon, surfing at Huntington Beach and snowboarding at Bear Mountain. There is always something exciting to do being young and sober in Southern California!

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Testimonial from a Parent

“The day I first stepped into New Life House, I had no idea that this was the program that would change everything. But I also felt how different it was and a glimmer of hope formed deep inside me. I met these boys, these young men who were polite and helpful and courteous. I couldn't believe they had once been like my son. Fast forward 5 years and my son is living not only a sober life but a full and happy life.”Amy S.
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