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For people struggling with addiction, the vast majority will not fully resume a sober life without properly structured rehabilitation. New Life House Sober Living in Huntington Beach is a sober living community that helps addicts achieve lifelong recovery. Fortunately, our community works exclusively with young men struggling with addiction by giving them the tools they need to maintain sobriety.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes used to be referred to as halfway houses and had a questionable reputation. In fact, modern sober living homes involve residents living in comfortable homes for a specified period of time. Moreover, residents learn to achieve and maintain a sober life during their stay and after they leave. Individuals often enter a sober living home after completing detox or intensive residential treatment. Similarly, many residents also attend outpatient treatment, and the sober living home is completely free of drugs and alcohol.

Why is a Recovery Community Important?

Addiction is a chronic illness, making it difficult to stay sober, especially during the early days so sobriety. Hence, a sense of community becomes essential and can be found in our Huntington Beach sober living homes. For example, young men in our sober living houses learn to connect with peers who are going through the same recovery process. Additionally, all residents participate in a 12-Step program, attend events, and socialize with each other. As a result, the relationships they form and techniques they learn will benefit them for the rest of their lives. 

Once residents complete their stay, we encourage them to stay involved with the community. They’ll help new members on the path to healing and continue to support fellow addicts in recovery. Their continued involvement also helps them remain sober. Knowing they are not alone will help them stay sober for the rest of their lives.

The Goals of Huntington Beach Sober Living

Sober living homes provide more than just a place for a person in recovery from addiction to live. Because of this, residents can accomplish a number of goals designed to help them adjust to recovery and thrive in it.

The goals of sober living include:

Acknowledging the Addiction

One of the hardest parts of recovery is acknowledging the addiction. Nevertheless, trained professionals help those with addictions come to terms with their illness and admit they have no control over it.

Peer Support

Our population consists of young adult males experiencing the same struggles. This, in turn, makes it easier for them to communicate, understand each other, and provide support.

Address Mental Health Issues

Addiction is rarely an isolated problem. Consequently, underlying mental health conditions, such as trauma, depression, and anxiety, often exist and can be addressed in treatment. 

A Sense of Community

Loneliness commonly happens as a consequence of addiction. During recovery, for example, isolation can make it harder to stay sober. Fortunately, sober living homes help residents feel less alone by offering a true sense of community. In turn, feeling part of a community contributes to long-term recovery as well.

A Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment

Triggers and cravings can consume addicts in early recovery. Sober living homes ban alcohol and drugs from the premises and require random drug testing of our residents. 

Gaining Independence and Becoming Responsible 

A sober living home provides a transition point that allows people to regain their independence and take on responsibility. Structured schedules and opportunities to work or attend school help them become contributing members of society again. 

Making Amends

Addiction can take a toll on personal relationships with friends and family. Despite this, luckily sober living teaches people to learn to communicate, establish healthy boundaries, and repair damaged relationships. 

Benefits of Huntington Beach Sober Living

Our staff consists of professionals with years of experience. Additionally, our directors and managers are sober and in recovery themselves. This allows them to relate to residents and offer valuable guidance. Our team works to connect with each house member.

In addition, they check in and have meaningful conversations with them to help monitor their situations and progress. They discuss fears, decisions, and goals, while also working to organize and tackle any outstanding issues that may occur. These issues may include legal cases, financial troubles, or academic reparations. 

Our sober living home in a scenic location near Huntington Beach offers many other benefits that include:

  • Practicing living a newly sober life before returning home
  • Developing important life skills to help residents make a habit of responsible decisions
  • Enjoying a reduced rate of relapse
  • A structured schedule that allows residents to develop helpful routines
  • Developing healthy relationships with others and experiencing peers holding each other accountable
  • Addressing underlying problems such as depression, anxiety, and trauma
  • Beginning to make amends for the damage addiction does to loved ones
  • Regular drug testing to help ensure abstinence from alcohol and drugs
  • Residents don’t have to worry about daily home life responsibilities, which allows them to focus solely on their recovery

How Long is the Sober Living Program Near Huntington Beach?

The length of time an individual spends in our Huntington Beach sober living home varies. The duration depends on the individual’s addiction history, recovery goals, and individual needs. The early days of recovery present the biggest risk time for relapse. Thus, it is important for residents to stay in a structured, alcohol and drug-free environment for as long as possible.

Doing so helps them work through and surpass challenges that may lead to relapse. Teens and young adults should stay in a sober living home for at least 12 to 18 months. This will give them the best chance of achieving prolonged recovery. The longer an individual remains in a sober living home, the more likely they are to remain in recovery once they leave.

Why Attend Sober Living Near Huntington Beach?

A lot of people want to remain in their local area while receiving treatment for addiction. Those already near Huntington Beach enjoy working on their recovery while living in familiar territory. It allows them access to things like favorite restaurants, shopping, cultural events, and their family and friends.

Other people benefit from leaving the area they live in and seeking treatment somewhere else. A change in scenery can do wonders to help a person refocus themself. It allows them to see a life that differs from the world of addiction they left behind. Huntington Beach is nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego in Southern California. The area offers sunny days year-round, access to beautiful beaches, parks, and many cultural and dining options. This scenic spot can be the right place to focus on recovery before returning home.

How Much Does Sober Living Near Huntington Beach Cost?

The cost of sober living homes varies, depending on several factors. These factors include the level of care and the services provided. It can also include the location of the sober living home and the length of the program. Most sober living homes cost around the same price as the monthly rent of homes in that same area. While some sober living homes take insurance, many do not.

Sober living homes may be able to offer financial assistance and/or scholarships for individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties. Many sober living homes allow their residents to work while living there, which can supply the income needed to cover their rent. The best way to find out cost and payment options is to call the treatment center and talk to them.

Huntington Beach Sober Living Homes

New Life House near Huntington Beach provides more than a sober living facility for young men. We are a family, and you or your loved ones will be surrounded by unconditional love and support. We give our residents the tools they need to recover. Visit our admissions page and help your loved one get on the right path today.


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