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Torrance is a city that is part of the vibrant Los Angeles area. With a population of about 145,000 people, residents enjoy living right by the beach and within easy access to mountainous areas to the east. Several art galleries, restaurants, parks, and shopping provide both locals and tourists with plenty of options for things to do. Additionally, a healthy enrollment of about 25,000 students at El Camino College enjoys higher education in a year-round sunny climate. While the city has a lot to offer, it hasn’t escaped the problem of drug and alcohol addiction that infects every area of the United States. This reality makes sober living in Torrance an important aspect to focus on so that those in need can receive the treatment they deserve. 

What Is Sober Living in Torrance All About?

When an individual completes their initial residential treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, many go straight back home, which can be fraught with triggers. People who use sober living homes as a step between residential treatment and returning home enjoy a lower risk of relapsing. Sober living homes provide a great step-down process that allows the person to practice their new life as a sober person in a safe environment before returning home. It’s akin to riding a new bicycle with training wheels several times in order to get a good feel for your new skill. Sober living offers a person time to put into practice what they have learned about how to live a life in sobriety. 

What Sets Sober Living in Torrance Apart

While there are many options for places to seek treatment for substance use disorders across the country, Sober Living in Torrance provides certain benefits that are difficult to find anywhere else. While many sober living houses provide housing for all genders and age groups, many people find that living among people of the same gender and in the same age range provides an advantage. 

New Life House Sober Living in Torrance provides housing for young men who all share a common goal of embracing sobriety both in the house and after they leave. Being among others with whom they share a common gender and age helps many residents bond more quickly with their roommates. This level of comfort often allows the young men to open up with each other and their therapists at a faster rate than they might do so in a more mixed group of people housed together. 

Their commonalities often include similar life experiences, world views, and personal needs. They come from similar points of view related to what they want to accomplish, including educational and career goals. The faster bonds form in a sober living Torrance house, the quicker progress is made. 

Because it can be easier to bond with people who share commonalities such as gender and age group, real friendships often form in sober living homes. Positive influences among all the roommates not only help everyone stay on course with their recovery goals but can be a real source of support once residents return to their homes. Many people who graduate from our program maintain contact with the people they met in sober living Torrance, providing long-lasting friendships and people to turn to in trying times. 

Sober Living in Torrance Provides More Than Just Sobriety Support

Staying sober and learning to navigate the difficult times and celebrate victories is just part of what we provide our residents. Young men who have lost a lot of time to their substance use disorders often need a guiding hand to help them learn to be responsible adults in their newly sober worlds. We provide education related to learning how to find work, stay employed, and manage money. Even skills like basic housekeeping, grocery shopping, and preparing healthy meals are taught so that our residents return home prepared to live independently while being responsible and staying sober. 

Sober Living in Torrance also provides educational training to help young men create schooling goals or return to an education cut short by addiction. We provide their families with ways to help support their loved ones so that everyone knows how to contribute to the recovery of the young man they love. We also provide an alumni program that lets you know you aren’t alone after you leave. We welcome visits from our former residents and are excited to hear about their progress. Many of our current residents find tremendous inspiration in hearing from graduates who can offer their wisdom and guidance.

How Our Torrance Location Can Positively Influence Recovery

While California living feels natural to residents throughout the Southern California area, for people in different regions of the country, it can be a tremendous positive change. Sober living Torrance isn’t just about life inside the house; we make time for activities outside the home, including visiting the vast playground of beaches throughout this coastal area. Often having a new place to explore helps boost a person’s ability to embrace a major life change like recovery, making Torrance a great place for a person to spend their time in a sober living home. 

On the flip side, if a young man already lives in California, he may feel more comfortable going into treatment in an area that feels familiar. Sober living Torrance can offer the continuity he craves while still allowing him a new home and different views out the window that differ greatly from his old living environment. 

Addiction Treatment and Sober Living in Torrance

If you or a young man you know is in need of help recovering from addiction to drugs or alcohol, New Life House can help. We provide a safe place to learn to live and love your new sober life, including offering therapy, medication management, and holistic therapies. 

Call New Life house today at (888) 357-7577 or visit our Admissions page and get started on a new, healthy way of living.

Testimonial from a Parent

“I am the mother of our son who entered the New Life House program at 19. I can’t even begin to say enough about New Life House! It saved our son and our family relationships. I pray that more young men may find their way to this program.” – Sheila B.
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