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New Life House support doesn't end at graduation. We pride ourselves on having one of the most robust, active alumni communities and support programs in the recovery world.

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  • Basel S. | 9 Years alumni programming

    “I’m incredibly grateful to New Life House for pushing me to always strive for excellence. Settling was not an option, and they taught me that my life was worth fighting for. I’m looking forward to the years to come with my New Life House family!”

    Basel S. | 9 Years

  • Jessie W. | 13 Years

    “This year has been a lesson in perseverance for me. I’ve realized that no matter what’s going on, I have the tools to take the next indicated action despite fear or hesitation. I can’t thank the people in my life enough for the life that I get to live today. The future isn’t always certain, but I’ve got plenty of help in those times of uncertainty.”

    Jessie W. | 13 Years

  • John S. | 4 Years

    “Before I got sober, I had no direction or purpose in my life. Today, I have a renewed sense of happiness and serenity. My life is beautiful and has meaning today. Thank you New Life House for bringing my family back in my life, for the relationships you have blossomed, and most of all the tools you have given me to trudge through life sober.”

    John S. | 4 Years

  • Suraj P. | 3 Years

    “New Life House was the change I needed after bouncing from treatment to treatment still thinking I knew best. It cracked the door into a new lease at life and a whole new world and for that, I’ll always be grateful.”

    Suraj P. | 3 Years

Recovery long after leaving New Life House.

Far too often, people leave treatment high and dry, with little more than a heart full of hope and a packet of local AA meetings. Good intentions aside, we have seen that method fall flat too many times. That’s why the end of your stay is only the beginning of your New Life experience.

No matter how long you’ve been out of the program, you’ll always have a home base here at New Life. If you’re stopping by to catch up with our staff or to offer some hope to our newest residents, the doors are always open. Our alumni stick together through thick and thin, lifting each other through everything life has to offer. Around here, we say “the proof is in the pudding”, and one look at our expansive graduate community is the best proof we can offer.

  • Los Angeles sober living staff

    A group of New Life House alumni went out to a driving range in Downtown Los Angeles this week! It’s amazing to see the light return in the eyes of recovering addicts as they have fun and experience life with the absence of drugs and alcohol!

    Los Angeles Driving Range

  • photo of people in young men's sober living in Los Angeles
  • alumni from New Life House outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles

    New Life House alumni Jackson F and Jake H attended Jake’s mother’s wedding this week! “To be physically and mentally present for my mom’s wedding is a blessing. I am so fortunate to have a healthy relationship with my family today and I am excited to be there for moments like this for the rest of my life!” -Jake H

    Jackson F. & Jake H.

  • Manhattan Beach, CA

    A group of New Life House alumni had a blast surfing at the beach today! It’s always great to get the community together and have a great time!

    Manhattan Beach, CA

New Life House Alumni Involvement

One of the most powerful aspects of our sober living community in the Los Angeles area is the continued participation of the New Life graduates. There are hundreds of active alumni at any given time, who’s involvement is imperative for the success of not only our house members, but also their own. Fortunately, we offer alumni planning in Poway, Carmel Valley, and at some of our other locations.

We have seen that true selflessness is one of the most powerful tools for sustaining a life in recovery. When they’re not busy finishing college, pursuing careers, or building new relationships, you can find our graduates at the house, sharing their own experience with those working to find a way out. It is in this common struggle that we see what their greatest liability had once been, addiction, turn into their greatest asset—the purpose and joy of truly helping another.

So, whether it’s sponsorship, transportation to 12-Step meetings, rides to errands and appointments, events at the house, or activities built specifically for alumni, there’s no shortage of ways for members of the community to stay involved.


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