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Many young men struggle with substance use disorder and find themselves in need of a “fresh start.” Sober living near Poway, California is a great choice. We are ideal for those without a healthy routine, struggling with living independently without substances.

Our transitional program house those who find it hard to practice principles of recovery after treatment. Sober living housing guides men to live their lives away from the temptations of substances. Also, sober living provides programs to provide the best support system for young men in need.

New Life House invites men to live in a real-world situation with their test in sobriety. This challenges them to overcome any tough moments they may experience. This opportunity helps those who go through the program eventually graduate in order to transition into their new lives.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is a place for individuals to live and start or continue their commitment to sobriety. Sober living near Poway encourages this lifestyle for young men. This provides a place for them to practice what they’ve learned. It also provides a support system, where they can connect with their peers for solace and advice.

In sober living homes, young men are challenged to live their daily lives in a test of sobriety. Additionally, they do this with peers who also live with addiction. All in all, New Life House offers residents alcohol and drug-free housing to empower young men in their journey to freedom from addiction.

While in sober living homes, young men live away from their loved ones so they concentrate on their treatment. That said, families are encouraged to support them as well. As our sober living residents work on their personal growth and independence, their families are invited for support.

They can learn how they can rebuild their relationships and offer help and compassion in the future. Sober living is where men build personal responsibility and independence. Lastly, they can do this with support always in the background, without the need for any substances.

group therapy for young men in sober living Poway

Do I Need a Sober Living Home?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you would benefit from a program. However, if you are experiencing any of the following difficulties, sober living around Poway might be for you if you are:

  • Finding it hard to return to your daily life after initial treatment
  • Needing to take up a routine to continue a positive lifestyle
  • Looking for peer support for bonding and continued education
  • Wanting to take responsibility in your life and live free of substances

Getting help is the first step to sobriety, and New Life House can be that step. If you have trouble with daily tasks and you don’t have control over your life, we can help. Moreover, you may need sober living housing to take back that control.

Sober living homes allow you to live without the temptations of substances getting in the way. It can also benefit your life and relationships with peers, family, and friends, and can help you recover. It will also allow you to get a feel for the healthy lifestyle needed to gain long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes Near Poway, CA

Many of the benefits of sober living homes come down to support. There is a variety of support that comes from New Life House, including peers, alumni, and family members, for example. Alumni share their stories, while peers share their experiences. Then, families encourage and rebuild connections. The constant support of sober living near Poway provides meaningful relationships with those living in the same space. Having guidance and a support system while in a sober living situation allows young men to win recovery within a structured treatment program.

Not only is support and guidance a great benefit to sober living, but also restores life skills and self-reliance for the future. When in a sober house, men learn to develop the life skills needed in maintaining a sober lifestyle. These skills allow them to gain the confidence to thrive without constant supervision. In practicing these life skills to gain sobriety, there will be an easier transition to the mainstream lifestyle. These elements to New Life House’s recovery community helps residents in sober living experience recovery and live a healthier life.

young men playing basketball in sober living near Poway

Programs Offered at Our Sober Living Home

Sober living offers many programs that can benefit young men. No matter where in their recovery journey they happen to be, our clients have benefited from one or more of the following:

Gender-Specific Programming

While there exists recovery housing for both men and women, New Life House offers only sober living for young men. This has been proven to successfully foster bonds among peers that have been known to last well past graduation. For one, men can bond in a safe environment, without fear of judgment. Additionally, gender-specific peer support can remain relevant to men’s unique social challenges.

Outpatient Drug Treatment Programming

Our outpatient drug treatment provides a balance of treatment and everyday life during sober living near Poway. This programming allows for a more flexible approach to treatment. Additionally, clinicians who are intimately familiar with New Life House clients can help them manage any mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Educational Programming + Life Skills

One of our most efficient programs is the education and life skills track. This track guides young men in learning which life skills are needed to become an independent adult. We base this programming on each individual’s interests, strengths, and goals. Overall, we teach them the necessary life skills to attain success and wellness.

Family Programming

Family programming allows family support in different ways, such as the 90-day New Parent Program, the Parent Guide Program, Saturday Family Groups, and more. Family Programming encourages and instructs families to communicate effectively and rebuild relationships. This is not only with the client, but to build better relationships with one another. Families can become stronger, more accountable, and better connected after family programming occurs.

Alumni Programming

Alumni programming is for those who have graduated from our treatment program. However, they wish to teach those in need of recovery by telling their own story of addiction and recovery. Alumni Programming allows for young men undergoing addiction treatment to see what life is like beyond recovery, and how New Life House can help.

alumni of sober living program mentoring young man in recovery

Find Sober Living Near Poway, CA

If you or a young man you know struggles with addiction, we can help. New Life House offers young men a sober living space where they can practice life skills and live in their sobriety. It is never too late to get help from those who want to assist you in your journey. Our sober living homes in Southern California ready young men for their transition toward returning home comfortably and with confidence.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, visit our admissions page.


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