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Young men who are dealing with an addiction to drugs and alcohol need a safe haven to go to after they complete detox or primary residential treatment. Men’s Sober Living San Fernando Valley provides the transitional program that offers an optimal place for these men to go to spend time putting into practice the principles of recovery they learned while in initial treatment. Sober living homes provide a unique way to still live in a drug and alcohol-free environment with supervision and a support system in place while taking their sobriety for a test drive in real-world situations.

Benefits of Men’s Sober Living in San Fernando Valley

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New Life House believes that young men in recovery benefit strongly from involving the family in their treatment. Staying in our San Fernando Valley sober living home provides an element of distance so the men can concentrate on their recovery while their families learn how to support them and rebuild family relationships. Modern technology makes family involvement easy for everyone, whether they live in town or across the country. Parents can participate via weekly updates, parental guides, and events planned to keep families feeling connected while their loved one is busy healing in our sober living home. 

Our residents learn a number of skills that they will need when they return home and want to begin their lives as responsible, independent young men. We help them understand things like how to plan, shop for, and cook meals that are healthy and nutritious. They learn to work with their roommates to ensure that regular housekeeping duties get done. We also provide life skills about how to manage their time, create a task list and daily schedules, and make sure they follow through on what needs to be done.

Many of our residents are ready to start thinking about college and career plans or may have interrupted either of them because of their addiction. Our expert advisers help them determine the best schooling options for them and begin paperwork to make those plans happen. We also help those ready for a career learn how to write a winning resume, dress for an interview, and be responsible once they start working. 

How Sober Living in San Fernando Valley Helps Young Men

The San Fernando Valley is home to many detox facilities and primary residential programs that treat substance use disorders. While many people who complete those types of programs return home immediately, they often are unprepared to resume their old lives and live in their old surroundings. Sober living homes provide a vital step down between the initial programs and going back home that gives their residents a leg up. People who spend time in sober living homes are often less likely to relapse when they return home. 

Men’s Sober Living San Fernando Valley offers young men a modern, comfortable home to share with their peers who are also in recovery. This opportunity to take their new recovery life on a test run allows our residents to practice staying sober while learning how to live independently. Because they are surrounded by other young men, they form bonds and learn to support each other in their common goals to return home having already spent a good deal of time sober. 

Situations that might provide temptation to relapse and toxic relationships that these young men left behind when they went to treatment will no longer seem as appealing. Sober living homes provide them with real-time experience living in recovery and taking responsibility for their lives.

Our Gender-Specific Programs Increase Success Rates

While some sober living homes mix men and women together, Sober Living in San Fernando Valley finds that our residents enjoy more success and long-lasting recovery when they live among their peers. Everyone in our home is a young male, which allows them to form bonds based on those commonalities. Many of the friendships formed here last beyond graduation, providing our residents with people they can turn to for support long after they leave. The absence of any women living in the house helps greatly reduce the chances that our residents will be distracted from their recovery by the temptation to engage in romantic or sexual relationships. 

Our alumni program provides everyone an opportunity to revisit the home to discuss their progress. Many of the young men from our program enjoy coming back to help inspire those new to recovery. Living a sober life can provide an inspiring example to those just starting out and show that a happy, healthy life is possible.

Men’s Sober Living San Fernando Valley

If you or a young man you know is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can help. New Life House in San Fernando Valley offers young males a safe, sober living home environment to practice living a sober life before they return home. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please call 1.888.357.7577 or visit our Admissions page. 


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