Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs in Los Angeles

All of the treatment for our clients takes place through a uniquely designed outpatient drug and alcohol rehab program, where they receive dynamic clinical support in an environment that was custom designed for the young men of New Life House.

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For the young men in New Life House, beginning their recovery journey can be a huge step. In addition to the robust focus on life skills, mental health issues, healthy behaviors, staff mentorship, community, and peer support that they receive day in and day out throughout the process, they have the opportunity to receive unparalleled clinical care with our outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles that are integrated into our sober living program.

Los Angeles Outpatient Rehab Program

An outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is an opportunity for the young men of New Life House to participate in heavy wrap-around clinical care with clinicians that are intimately familiar with the New Life House process, structure, and philosophy. An outpatient level of care is the perfect type of mental health and substance abuse treatment for the young men because it allows them to be in a situation where they are able to continue taking advantage of the transitional living and gradual introduction to independence that New Life provides, while still receiving a high degree of clinical treatment for both their mental health and substance abuse issues.

The New Life House outpatient rehab track gives the young men access to the therapeutic support they need to navigate the many different aspects of achieving good mental health. Treating anxiety and depression, processing and overcoming trauma, having a clinical outlet to navigate emotional ups and downs safely, and many other endeavors are all a part of the outpatient process.

What to Expect in Outpatient Rehab

Our outpatient mental health and drug treatment programs in Los Angeles are unique in the sense that you are able to balance both your treatment and your everyday life simultaneously. By beginning their stay at New Life House participating in this level of care, the young men are able to slowly transition towards a more independent style of living where their schedule begins to open up and ultimately fill with more of the responsibilities of everyday life.

Everything about New Life House is designed with this gradual transition towards successful independence in mind, and the trajectory of the young men’s outpatient treatment is no exception to this process. Starting with a high frequency of attendance and slowly scaling down, the track is custom built to accompany the young men as they naturally develop the skills to navigate a life in recovery.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs in Los Angeles

An outpatient addiction treatment center provides several benefits to those who are receiving care for substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Outpatient treatment takes less time than residential treatment, which allows the individual more time for their personal lives. Our clients receive treatment during the weekdays and can return home at night and on the weekends. Many people in outpatient treatment can work or go to school while still making huge progress in their recovery.

Because outpatient programs typically offer a variety of options, people receiving this treatment have a lot of choices. They can take advantage of things like individual therapy, group therapy, holistic therapy, and medication management, all under one roof. A combination of approaches to recovery provides a well-rounded treatment plan that helps propel a person forward in their progress. 

Outpatient programs are less costly than inpatient programs because the person does not have to stay in a facility round-the-clock. Many insurance plans cover all or part of an outpatient program, making them a viable option for effective treatment. 

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Los Angeles Outpatient Rehab Components

Case Management

The earlier in the recovery process that a case manager enters the picture, the better. Their knowledge can help create a path for patients. It starts with their initial decision to begin recovery. Having a trusted individual that can provide assistance on a life skills and wrap-around support level is helpful. It allows a level of connection to be formed with the young man in recovery.

Case managers also help with all of the different things that naturally come up during someone’s recovery process. As life begins to pick up steam, more responsibilities are brought into the picture. Having this extra layer of support in addition to the staff at the house is crucial. Of course, there is constant communication that takes place from New Life House and everyone on the clinical team at Clear Recovery Center, including the case managers. This means that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. There is a unified front when it comes to helping someone transform their life from substance abuse here in Los Angeles.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one of the leading forms of evidence-based therapy used in our outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles. It also contributes to a young man being classified as failure to launch. It is conducted between a therapist and a patient in a one-on-one setting. Upon beginning individual therapy, the therapist will guide the patient through a discovery session. This is so they can learn as much about their background as possible. Gathering this information is vital so that the therapist knows how to steer the client going forward.

Medication Management

Individuals who have entered treatment for an addiction to alcohol, opioids, or multiple drugs may benefit from the use of psychiatric medication management. Several non-addictive medications can be administered to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. These medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They help address and quell many of the symptoms related to withdrawal.

Medical professionals supervise medication administration and dosage amounts. This group includes doctors, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists. They watch for any side effects and adjust the amount and specific medication as needed. As the patient progresses through detoxification and early recovery stages, the dosage amount is typically reduced.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is defined as a type of therapy that helps the “whole” person. This means that through this therapy, an individual can manage their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in a natural way. Anyone can benefit from holistic therapy, however it should be noted that holistic therapy is most effective when paired with a traditional treatment plan that involves evidence-based therapies and possibly medication. Some of the holistic therapies our Los Angeles outpatient rehab provides includes:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Mindfulness Practice

Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs in Los Angeles, CA

For years, New Life House has worked with young men and their families struggling with mental health, alcohol and/or drug abuse in Los Angeles County. Our established recovery community effectively addresses all the issues that behavioral difficulties fueled by addiction cause and has helped young men establish a new footing toward a better life. For more information regarding sober living and our Los Angeles Outpatient Rehab programming, please contact (888) 357-7577.


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