Meet the individuals who help make recovery for young men possible.

Recovery Staff

David Saruk


David Saruk has been with the New Life House since 2009 and has over 10 years working in the substance abuse and mental health field. David received his ICADC and CADC-II through University of the Pacific and has always been passionate about remaining on the cutting edge of recovery. With over a decade in the industry, David has been able to experience and witness first-hand the different changes in the recovery world, and has always remained committed to providing young men the best possible opportunity for success.

Over the last decade, David has watched the expectations and stresses of today’s world change dramatically for young men and their families. David understands the struggles young adults face with co-occurring disorders and substance abuse, and his approach with these young men is relatable, fun, assertive, and transformational.

Howard Barker


Howard Barker handles all of the operations, outreach and community engagement at New Life House. He works to spread education and awareness on issues surrounding mental health and substance abuse as well as help families navigate the difficult waters of getting a loved one help. Howard has spent the past 7 years working with young adults and their families, being a support during times of crisis.

A New Life House alumni, Howard went back to college and underwent CADC training in recovery. He has spoken on panels, in treatment centers, community centers, schools, with parents, students, teachers, law enforcement and mental health providers to give insight on issues that are impacting young people today. He works closely with the New Life House families and the management staff, helping to keep things innovative, add additional services for the guys, and deal with all of the logistics of running the New Life House programs.

Garret Eamer

House Director

Garrett Eamer is the House Director for New Life House. He has worked with New Life House for the past 3 years and also has experience as a mental health and addiction case manager as a drug and alcohol counselor at a local outpatient facility.

He initiated his path and career choice through majoring in Psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Garrett has plans to go on and receive his Masters in Clinical Psychology, all the while continuing to enrich the lives of others going through the New Life House process.

Ryan Garcia


Ryan Garcia is one of the managers for New Life House. With over 3 years in recovery, Ryan is passionate about the process of life transformation. Ryan uses his own history with drug abuse and his experience with recovery to motivate others to achieve sobriety and excel in all aspects of life. As an alumni of New Life House, Ryan is able to relate with the guys on a personal level and be a positive mentor for the members of the house.

Ryan has made it a priority to make recovery the centerpiece of his life. He is heavily involved in the recovery community in the local area and does a great job of making this way of life attractive and fun for all of the people close to him.

Lorenzo Rocca


Lorenzo is a Manager for New Life House. His experience with addiction and dedication to living a recovered life inspire him to reach out to those struggling in the grips of addiction and aid them in establishing the foundations necessary for a life in recovery.

Lorenzo is currently taking classes to pursue his goal of becoming an EMT/ Firefighter and enjoys time with friends and family, outdoor activities such as golfing, surfing, snowboarding and being involved in his recovery community.

Caleb Muench


Caleb Muench is the Overnight Manager for New Life House. Caleb has been with the company for over a year and is currently attending school in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree for audio engineering. He is also the vocalist in a local punk rock band and performs live shows all around Los Angeles.

Caleb is a night owl and loves to be available for residents who may be struggling at odd hours of the night. He brings a unique perspective and his own personal experience to the table when assessing and addressing any issues, questions, or events that happen after hours.

Kyle Yamashiro


Kyle is a graduate of the New Life community who found his passion in recovery through adopting the principles that were taught to him in the house. He is driven to give back to the very community that has allowed him to build a stronger relationship he has with himself, his family, and the ability to form meaningful, healthy relationships with all those around him.

He believes that a strong foundation in recovery is crucial to internalize the importance of leading a life in sobriety for any individual, and believes his purpose is to use his experience in any way he can to help others adopt a lifestyle of recovery and integrity.

Nick Bernard


Nick Bernard is a graduate of New Life and is currently a weekend Manager. Nick was in restaurant management and is an entrepreneur having opened multiple businesses throughout his career. When he was presented with the opportunity to work for the houses he jumped at the chance. He is able to take his managerial skills and business prowess combined with his passion for recovery and New Life House to help the houses that gave him his life today. He has also worked in mental health and is very involved in AA and the recovery community.

All of these factors make him an effective manager who is passionate about helping other alcoholics and above all is always grateful and humbled to be of service to the New Life House community. Nick’s goal is to pass on this passion for recovery and show the young men in New Life House that if you put recovery first, you can be successful, happy and have a lot of fun in sobriety.

Matt Mikaelian


Matt is a Night Manager at New Life House. He was inspired to work in recovery by realizing his ability to give back what was so freely given to him, hopefully making a small impact by bettering the lives of others. He is inspired every single day through being able to show up for others in their recovery.

He is passionate about being able to sit down with house members and help them with whatever it is they need help with through sharing his own experience, strength, and hope.

Outside Services

Dr. Sean O’Hara

Psy D. and Clinical Director at Clear Recovery Center

Dr. Sean O’Hara is a Licensed Psychologist with 26 years of experience providing psychiatric services for individuals seeking relief from addictive diseases and mental illness.

He utilizes cognitive, psycho dynamic, and behavioral existential therapies to treat individuals with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. As Clear Recovery Center’s Clinical Director, Dr. Sean O’Hara spearheads a multidisciplinary staff of psychiatrists, therapists, clinical social workers, and certified counselors. Sean has worked with the New Life House guys for over a decade, and is loved member of the community.

Scott Dohren

Group Facilitator

Scott Dohren attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a focus in Business Administration. He also holds a CADC-II certification in addiction studies. Scott has a tremendous amount of experience with both administrative and interpersonal aspects of behavioral health. His background in the field of behavioral health extends to counseling, mentorship, and admissions.

Scott’s leadership and passion in the field of wellness allows him to bring a wealth of experience and insight into working with the young men of New Life House. In his free time, Scott enjoys maintaining a healthy exercise regimen, attending concerts, spending time in nature, and traveling with his wife Karen.

Anne Spinner

Yoga Instructor

Anne has been teaching yoga since 2009. Trained in the vinyasa modality of yoga, Anne brings all sorts of aspects of the yogic lifestyle into her practice to strengthen mind and body in an equal and balanced way. Using mindfulness and meditation in a variety of ways, Anne helps each student to find something within the practice that they enjoy and will take with them to use as a tool for many years to come.


Laure Linn

Director of Finance

Laure Linn has a background in operational efficiency, financial management, and works tirelessly to make sure that resources are being utilized as effectively as possible so that New Life House can always keep improving the quality of the services that it offers.

Gricela Mendoza

Administrative Assistant

Gricela joins the New Life House staff as an administrative assistant. Her past work experience in the hospitality industry as well as helping people get back on their feet with credit repair has helped move her into an even more empathetic role of helping others navigate through their own recovery.

Having a brother go through his own experience in recovery, her own personal experience and insight to addiction has motivated her to be a part of the New Life House program. Gricela enjoys being part of a team in order to make sure all of the New Life House families needs and requirements are not only met, but exceeded.

Amber Jones

Administrative Assistant

Amber Jones works to assist the administration team with a variety of tasks, and is passionate about helping to contribute to a team that allows young men to get sober and change their lives.

Monica Juarez

Human Resources

Monica handles all of the Human Resource responsibilities for New Life House. Prior to working here, she had experience in the Aerospace and Defense industries as a recruiter and human resources coordinator. She looks forward to bringing her expertise to New Life House in any way she can.

Monica is hard working, efficient, and understanding-a great combination to have for anyone within a Human Resources role. In her spare time she is either listening to music, at the movies watching the latest Marvel flick, at the beach or park with her puppy Chester or reading her favorite comics and books with her cat Pebbles.


Marina Braff, M.S., LMFT

Clinical Outreach

Marina Braff is an LMFT that practices in the South Bay of Los Angeles and works with the team in the capacity of clinical outreach. She loves helping young people and their families find the help that they need.

Kaivon Sherkat

Social Media Manager

Kaivon is our Social Media Manager at New Life House and has been in recovery since 2016. Kaivon is passionate about recovery and seeks to showcase life in sobriety to reach those in need of help and give them hope.

When not at work, Kaivon attends FIDM where he is working towards a degree in Apparel Industry Management and works a few jobs in the fashion industry.