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We value each and every client that comes through our doors and hope to build lasting relationships with all. Though we could go on and on about why our sober living services work, we believe that our graduates and families can say it better than we ever could. For a deeper insight into how you can benefit from our facility, check out some New Life House reviews from our wonderful community.


Family Testimonials

  • sober living team los angeles

    We are grateful to New Life and all involved, for the dedication, the leadership and guidance, and the genuine support. We are grateful for the New Life House blog, where parents and house member share their stories, our stories.

    And we are grateful for today, for our willingness to embrace recovery, for this opportunity to grow and learn, for the grace of being a witness to a New Life emerging from the rubble. Trust the process, embrace recovery, step back and enjoy life!

    Maria F.
  • From the first conversation with Howard, I have felt nothing but love, support and the assurance that Evan was in the best hands possible. The support from the staff and the other parents have been incredible. I have watched Evan go from a desperate hurting son to a young man who is willing to face life. He has had his ups and downs, but he has met the challenges head on.

    The program has begun the healing process with all his family relationships. We are all so grateful for what New Life has given Evan. Today I’m incredibly excited for Evan and so happy to have a son who wants to live life. A deep thanks to New life and the men who made it happen!

    Lisa G.
  • alumni of sober living in Los Angeles

    Words cannot express our family’s gratitude; we are proud of Patrick who has worked incredibly hard. The New Life team provided an environment of boundaries, accountability, inner reflection, clinical support, and seeds of encouragement.

    Patrick grew from compliance/defiance to acceptance, eventually embracing New Life’s program and sobriety itself. Through New Life’s robust recovery and clinical approach, Patrick has established a strong foundation, vis-a-vis the program’s in-depth education, and practical recovery tools that will help to ensure a successful lifelong journey of sobriety.

    Kent M.
  • New Life has literally given my son and our family a New Life. My son has grown into the person he wanted to be but had lost for many years – he has been provided the tools and support to build a life that is based on an honest and genuine relationship with himself, and with family and friends.

    It has been a journey, but New Life has supported, mentored and advised my son and our family through it every step of the way.

    Julie A.
  • I truly can thank New Life for giving us our son back. It wasn’t easy to convince him to stay the initial three months, but by giving him no alternative and telling him about how his well being affected the whole family he understood we did it out of love.

    To watch him change from one family visit to the next truly felt like watching a miracle. We saw him regain his self-esteem through work in the house. The gradual increase in freedom and responsibility gave him a lesson on how a solid foundation in life is created. The openness and strong bonds the many group meetings creates has given him tools for life. New Life has given our son a family away from home, and us, relationships we relish. Our hope is that we can give back by helping other families.

    Eva H.
  • New Life House is where our family’s journey of recovery began to flourish. I am grateful that my son had a little piece of willingness and New Life House was able to recognize that and work with it. New Life House brought my son back to me as a respectable, genuine, hardworking, and loving young man. New Life House has shown him that he is worthy and capable of providing a good life for himself.

    My son now has the tools and support that he desperately needed and now he lives a life of joy with sobriety as a priority. I am so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to witness him live his life with purpose, meaning and wonderful infinite possibilities. The program is a lot of work, often uncomfortable and a sacrifice for the entire family but the glory on the other side is a miracle.

    Susie. M.
  • Through a series of many events, a miracle came upon us and our son was willing to go to New Life House. During his recovery it was brought to my attention that working my program was vital while he was working his. It was necessary to allow him to do for himself and not try to manage and control his life. I dislike saying this but I had to come to terms how much of an enabler I truly am. It was important to let him do for himself and experience those natural consequences.

    I am forever grateful for AA, Alanon and especially New Life House for guiding my son to become a sober, grateful, humble and responsible young man.

    Maureen G.

Video Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

  • I’m Jeff and I went through New Life House from October of 2013 till May of 2015. I was 17 when I went into the program. Honestly, it’s hard to put into words the amount of gratitude I have for this place.

    It saved my life and healed my family. I was broken when I entered New Life House, and I was given a safe environment to get my life on track. I think the most important part of all of it is that I was given a community of guys around my age that showed up for me and cared for me.

    I work at a restaurant to support myself, and I’m in school pursuing a degree in psychology. I feel a sense of purpose and happiness that I never thought was possible. All of this is due to New Life House and all that they did for me and continue to do for me, even though I don’t live there anymore.

    Jeffrey M.
  • This testimonial regarding New Life House is one which is heavily biased with respect to my own personalized experience going through this sober living. That being said, I feel compelled to shed some light on this establishment because it literally saved my life.

    Not only that, but it cultivated and nurtured a foundation upon which I could lead a fruitful and successful life. Nowhere in the fine print – upon entering the house – is there promise of success and happiness.

    That being said, simply by looking at the empirical evidence of those who have completed this process (fearlessly and thoroughly) as well as my own personal experience, I can say that: happiness, contentment, and quality of life seem to be the natural byproduct of going through this experience.

    Ryder D.
  • New Life House, was the ideal place for me to get and stay sober. I had been trying for years to get sober and nothing had worked for me until I came into new life house when I was twenty years old.

    My goal was to drink and use until the day that I died. This house did more than separate me from drugs it helped me to obtain a sober lifestyle. What attracted me to stay was the group of guys who showed me that staying sober can be fun and enjoyable.

    I found a sober fraternity of men here that are my age and we worked together to achieve a common goal which is to stay sober and to continue to better ourselves everyday. The set of morals and spiritual standards that are portrayed to me everyday through example and experience allowed me to be successful for the first time in my life at staying sober.

    Brian P.

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When you are seeking a sober living community, reputation is important. New Life House is proud to offer a supportive, structured environment that garners positive feedback. We would love to make a healing impact on your life as we have on so many others. To learn more about who we are and the services we provide, give us a call or visit our admissions pages today. 


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