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Just 20 miles outside of Los Angeles, Redondo Beach is a bustling coastal community with a small town feel. With its close proximity to the attractions and cultural scene in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach has all the benefits of a close knit community and vibrant city life. For men transitioning from residential rehab and into a life of recovery, sober living in Redondo Beach provides a safe and nurturing environment to practice their sobriety skills while reengaging with their day-to-day lives.

What is Sober Living?

Getting — and staying —  sober is not a cut-and-dried process. Addiction is an all-consuming disorder, affecting not just your mind and body, but your life and relationships as well. For men who have completed residential rehab, stepping back into their lives without a transition period between the structure of rehab and the chaos of the real world can be a scary prospect. That’s where sober living in Redondo Beach comes in.

Sober living homes are structured sober living environments designed specifically to enable men to ease back into their everyday lives. Sober living homes provide structure, support, community, and life skills that are necessary foundations for long-lasting sobriety. 

The Benefits of Sober Living in Redondo Beach

New Life House’s structured sober living in Redondo Beach is staffed by experienced and compassionate professionals who understand the unique struggles of addiction and recovery. They are there to provide guidance, help, and the wisdom earned from being in recovery themselves.

Our sober living homes in Redondo Beach are specifically designed to help men live a life in recovery. By incorporating holistic therapeutic approaches, our goal is to help the men in our program not just abstain from drugs and alcohol, but live meaningful and fulfilling sober lives. While the primary benefit of sober living homes is learning to navigate recovery in a safe environment, other benefits include:

  • A community of peers and alumni, to provide empathy and support during your stay in sober living — and long afterwards.
  • Structure and routine that helps establish healthy habits to support your sobriety.
  • Being able to address underlying issues that might have contributed to your addiction, including: depression, anxiety, and trauma.
  • A judgement-free environment where you are encouraged to talk about subjects that you might feel guilt or shame about.
  • Learning to build healthy sober relationships with reciprocal accountability.
  • Experiences that demonstrate that you can have fun while staying sober.

The Importance of Community in Recovery

The early stages of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming. Pressing the reset button on a life that was marked by your addiction can feel isolating — especially when you have to give up friends or family members who don’t support your efforts to get sober. Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety, which could trigger a relapse.

Having a sober community of peers around you during recovery is incredibly helpful — and not just for having someone to socialize with. Sober peers provide emotional support, perspective, help you stay motivated, and encourage you to keep going when the going gets tough. Additionally, having a network of sober friends reduces your risk of relapse. When you feel cravings, you can talk to someone who has felt those and overcome them. When you’re dealing with tough emotions, you have a network of lived experience to rely on to help you work through it.

What to Expect in Sober Living in Redondo Beach

Sober living homes are safe spaces for residents to practice sobriety skills. In order to provide a harmonious and recovery-focused environment, we aim to strike a balance between freedom and structure for young men. We do this by:

  • Ensuring a drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Random drug testing
  • Requiring accountability
  • Creating a structured schedule that includes group meetings and individual counseling
  • Providing comprehensive life skills training, including every facet of independent living, healthy lifestyle choices, and nutrition eduction
  • Offering experiential programming, such as camping trips, surfing, and hiking

Why Gender-Specific Sober Living?

Going to gender-specific sober living in Redondo Beach removes distractions and temptations that may put you at risk of relapse. In early recovery, you are learning to navigate tough emotional experiences without drugs or alcohol, and establishing a foothold in a new life that isn’t centered on addiction. Other benefits of gender-specific sober living include:

  • The opportunity to learn about yourself, without drugs or alcohol, without pressure or judgment
  • Freedom to openly talk about your feelings
  • Focused treatment that is centered on the experiences of men in recovery
  • Building healthy relationships free from co-dependency and enmeshment

Because New Life House focuses on providing treatment to young men between 18-35, you can more easily form bonds with your peers who have similar likes, life experiences, tastes, and other generational commonalities. These bonds provide the framework for life-long support. 

Men’s Sober Living in Redondo Beach

We understand that choosing the right environment to nurture your newfound sobriety is important. Since 1985, New Life House has been successfully helping young men overcome drug and alcohol addiction through our innovative whole-person approach to recovery. For more information about our sober living home in Redondo Beach, call us today at 877-357-7577 or visit our admissions page to set up a consultation.

Testimonial from a Parent

“I am the mother of our son who entered the New Life House program at 19. I can’t even begin to say enough about New Life House! It saved our son and our family relationships. I pray that more young men may find their way to this program.” – Sheila B.
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