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When a person leaves primary drug treatment, immediately returning home often isn’t the best next step. Men’s sober living provides a structured residential recovery community that can serve as the bridge between detox or intensive residential treatment and going back home and resuming a person’s daily life. There are numerous benefits to sober living homes, young adults are free from the distractions that contributed to their drug and alcohol abuse. They have sufficient time to focus on their recovery away from the old neighborhoods and unhealthy relationships that are not supportive of sobriety. 

Benefits of Sober Living in Southern California

The San Diego area attracts both residents and tourists for a variety of reasons. Living in Southern California means sunny days year-round, access to beautiful beaches, and nearby mountains.

Having the San Diego area as a nearby backdrop to a new life of sobriety can help foster a real sense of change in a young person’s life. This reminder that change can be positive can help carry them through their time in our top sober living homes and prepare them to return home with a new perspective on their futures.

San Diego sober living is more than just a place to live for people in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. We provide a well-rounded program that addresses the multiple needs of our residents. We offer educational programming designed to help a person return to school or plan new school goals like college and career plans. We also offer support to bring our residents back together with their families. Parents, their children in recovery, and other family members learn how to communicate with each other honestly in a way that leaves everyone feeling they have been heard. We help everyone understand how to take responsibility for past transgressions, reach a place of forgiveness, and move forward as a united family unit. 

Residents of men’s sober living in Southern California benefit a great deal from our alumni programming, both while residing with us and after they graduate. Men who have left our program enjoy being able to revisit the lessons they learned by contacting us. They also have the privilege of passing on what they’ve learned to our current residents. That sort of mentoring is powerful for everyone involved and adds to the success rate of our young men.

Why Sober Living Southern California is a Positive Change

A life in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction does not have to be serious and glum 24/7. Part of recovery includes leaving behind difficult and painful situations, such as isolating yourself from others and feeling lonely. Southern California is at the epicenter of the recovery world, with hundreds of meetings every day – many specifically for young adults. There are also sober events, including parties, outings, and conferences, that give young men in recovery a chance to socialize with like-minded individuals. 

Our men’s sober living programs consist of teaching young men how to make many positive changes in their lives. We offer one-on-one therapy with a licensed counselor trained to help people get to the root of the emotions they cover up with substance use. Learning to recognize potential triggers and have a game plan for when they surface helps people stay strong in their recovery. We also provide medication management, which helps our residents deal with any medication needed during treatment or transitioning out of using existing meds. 

Sober living teaches young men the life skills they need to return home ready to live as independent adults. A young life put on hold because of a substance use disorder often means valuable life skills have not yet been acquired. Life skills we teach include:

  • Planning, shopping for and cooking healthy and nutritious meals
  • Keeping a clean and orderly living space, whether living alone or with roommates
  • Time management, which includes prioritizing each day’s activities, allotting proper time for them, and following through with each daily agenda
  • Loving self-care such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation to allow time to take a break and refresh themselves
  • Workforce skills like writing a resume, dressing for an interview, choosing a career path, and doing well on the job

The Benefits of Age & Gender-Specific Sober Living Homes

Young adults think in the short term which can make it difficult to picture a life going forward that does not include drinking alcohol and using drugs. When young substance abusers are surrounded by peers who are facing the same challenges and have similar recovery goals, it makes it easier for everyone to make progress. The young men who reside in a sober living home are able to identify with each other as equals. They often share similar life experiences, family situations, and ways of perceiving the world. 

With gender-specific sober living homes, men live separately from women. This reduces the chances that residents will be tempted by engaging in romantic or sexual relationships with each other, which most professionals recommend be avoided while a person is early in recovery. Without those distractions, men’s sober living allows everyone to concentrate on recovery goals without getting sidelined. 

Addiction Treatment for Young Men Near San Diego

New Life House has worked extensively with many families in the San Diego and Carmel Valley areas. We offer young men a safe, substance-free, comfortable place to call home while they practice living a sober life before returning to their homes. We provide multiple services that prepare them to live a sober life they are excited about and will last a lifetime. Our homes in Los Angeles and the South Bay are close enough to San Diego to allow our residents to get a fresh start while still being close to their loved ones.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, call (888) 357-7577 now or visit our Admissions page.


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