New Life, Truly a New Life!

“My husband and I found ourselves at a crossroads after our family became a statistic in the opioid pandemic. After losing his business, his family, and having nowhere to turn, he finally asked for help. He was welcomed into the New Life community. It was a brotherhood most would envy with a common denominator you would never want. The road wasn’t easy for any of us. I gave him to the house never expecting to have our family together again.

After 18 months, my husband moved home, into our home with our children. Not only is he sober, he’s present, he’s emotionally stable and available, and he is a better version of the man I married. Even after completing the program, he is supported and he talks to his brothers in sobriety daily. Miles won’t keep them apart. I can’t thank New Life enough, they saved my husband’s life, our marriage and our family. New Life taught him to love himself, to depend on himself, and they showed him by example what it means to walk an honest life.”

Last Updated on February 22, 2024


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577