Building a Drug-Free Life

I watched my son get deeper and deeper into drugs. It was heartbreaking, I lost my intelligent, kind, giving and humorous son. He was living in hell, as I was too. I could not get him out of the house. He was paranoid, angry and dangerous. I knew if I did not do something he would hurt himself, me or someone else. One day I got the courage to call the police. He spent 2 months in jail with a restraining order I asked for. When he was released, he was ordered to go into a rehab program I knew did not offer what he needed. 

I was truly blessed to find New Life House at the last moment. He entered Miracle House 13 months ago. I knew nothing about New Life at the time. As the months went by, I saw what was working through this program. They teach these men what living a real life is. This starts from the ground up. They learn how to be respectful, accountable and what joy there is living a drug-free life. The staff was so open and welcoming, but best of all, they had all been through New Life House themselves. To me that meant that they knew better than anyone how to approach each individual in the program. My son received the outside therapy that he needed. But more importantly, he learned what building a drug-free relationship meant. This was done inside the house. He formed lasting relationships which he did not have before. I asked him what had helped him the most, he said, “What happens inside the house, family and group meetings.” 

He has graduated and is now working as a house manager for New Life.  He says he has never been happier. He has a purpose in life.

I am so grateful to New Life for getting the son back I knew before, but even a better version. If you are struggling with your son’s addiction, I could not recommend a better place which gives men the opportunity to enter a long-lasting recovery. They have a very special program which gives young men and men the best chance of recovery. I had been told over and over again that if I could get my son into a rehab program he would eventually thank me. He does every day.

Thank you, New Life, and to all of the employees and families. 

-Gail M.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577