Finding a Purpose

“Imagine the relief and pure joy I felt hearing these words:

“Mom, I have decided to be sober before, but I thought it meant I would also always be miserable, I didn’t think it would be possible to be sober and happy. Today I have learned to be sober and happy while living a meaningful life.”

Like many other families we tried the short rehab, he came home without the needed tools and support. In a storm of desperation knowing that we were looking at a life or death situation I searched tirelessly for a solution, by the grace of God we were introduced to New Life House. I surrendered, knowing that everything I had been doing to “help” wasn’t working. I had attempted to fix, repair, manage and rescue, search for and destroy drugs, it was like my fix I needed in order to gain a false sense of control against this disease that was attempting to steal kill and destroy everything in it’s path. My family was in the eye of this isolating, baffling and excruciating painful hurricane of addiction and looking for a little piece of hope. Sometimes the family needs to become ready and willing just as the addict or alcoholic does. I took the leap; I sent my 17-year-old boy 1,133 miles away the summer between his junior and senior year of high school to New Life House all for the sake of and hope of recovery. 

New Life House is where our family’s journey of recovery began to flourish. I am grateful that my son had a little piece of willingness and New Life House was able to recognize that and work with it. New Life House brought my son back to me as a respectable, genuine, hardworking, and loving young man. New Life House has shown him that he is worthy and capable of providing a good life for himself. My son now has the tools and support that he desperately needed and now he lives a life of joy with sobriety as a priority. He will have 19 months sober on 2/1/21 and I am so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to witness him live his life with purpose, meaning and wonderful infinite possibilities. The program is a lot of work, often uncomfortable and a sacrifice for the entire family but the glory on the other side is a miracle.

I have truly witnessed the beauty that can rise from the ashes of destruction that addiction leaves behind, New Life House is a huge part of our whole family’s journey of recovery. The hurricane has settled, and our family has gained tools to repair and maintain deep fulfilling relationships that were once damaged and hanging by a thread, restoration is possible, there is hope and you are not alone.

Words cannot express the gratitude that our family feels today.”

-Susie M.

Last Updated on May 24, 2023


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577