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While recovery from substance abuse and navigating the ins and outs of a failure to launch situation are paramount to a young man’s long term success, New Life House has always recognized that a healthy lifestyle is about much more as well. One of the most effective tools in the New Life House process for setting our young men up for a long-term trajectory of success is the Education Track.

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Many families that find their way to New Life House are struggling to help their son or loved one gain the proper life skills as an independent young adult in recovery. Often called Failure to Launch, this phenomenon is characterized by a difficulty taking on adult responsibilities or becoming self-sufficient.

The New Life House Education + Life Skills Track is designed to help the young men at our Sober Living in Los Angeles find the best academic path possible based on their strengths, interests, and goals while learning life skills such as money management, building relationships, self-care, maintaining a living space and more. In addition, after building their foundation inside of the house, the young men become eligible to participate in the Education Track. 

Educational Programming + Life Skills

Combined with substance abuse issues, young men can find themselves stuck indefinitely, with an inability to move forward, self-defeating behaviors, a lack of self-esteem, life skills, and challenges trying to overcome daily struggles. New Life House specializes in helping young men to navigate these waters. While abstinence from substances is an important piece of the puzzle, acquiring, practicing, and becoming comfortable with a whole host of new life skills and coping mechanisms is equally important. This is a supplementary tutoring, guidance, and mentorship program within the standard New Life House programming.

Educational Programming at Our Los Angeles Sober Living

Once a resident at our Los Angeles based sober living, New Life House has established a foundation, our staff works with them and their parents. Together we determine what educational goals best suit their needs and abilities. Our program typically abides by the following outline:

  • Initial meeting. The resident meets with our Director of Education.
  • Assessments. Participates in an interests and aptitude evaluation. This determines an appropriate academic pathway that suits the individual’s interests and capabilities. 
  • Determine a plan. Together we strive to reach the goal of deciding on an exciting, sustainable, and enriching path forward. 
  • Start program. Once residents have finished the academic intake process, they begin to participate in our Learning Center. They receive guidance and support along their chosen pathway by our academic staff.

The New Life House Academic Program allows young men to continue moving forward in their lives without compromising their recovery, and providing the assistance necessary to succeed while navigating early recovery in a healthy and supportive environment.

Options in Educational Programming

Sometimes a young person sees only one path to completing post-high school education. When it doesn’t feel like a good fit, they may become inclined to give up on furthering their schooling. We understand that finding the right fit means looking at multiple options for educational programming in sober living. 

We support a diverse range of education choices for the young men of New Life House. These include:

  • Traditional college. Includes starting or continuing community college, a four-year university, or a post-graduate degree. 
  • Trade school. Popular fields include web design and IT, healthcare, HVAC, and more. Additionally, these schools typically assist participants in finding employment. 
  • Vocation Certification Programs. Many schools offer continuing education and non-credit classes that result in certification in a field. 

How Meeting Educational Goals + Life Skills in Recovery Differs From the Past

Sometimes one of our new residents expresses hesitancy at addressing educational and life skills programming in sober living. They may have attempted college or vocational training in the past but been hampered by their substance abuse or lack of life skills. Trying to attend classes, study, and do coursework while living under the haze of drugs or alcohol guarantees a diminished ability to do well. Equally harmful can be a failure to practice proper time management, or untreated mental health struggles. Many students end up failing classes or dropping out of school.

Residents of New Life House sober living in Los Angeles, CA find themselves in an entirely new headspace as they:

  • Have gained a new set of tools for a healthy lifestyle
  • Are unencumbered by drugs and alcohol
  • Are in a positive environment
  • Have supportive staff around them
  • Are physically and emotionally stable
  • Have a clear pathway to academic success.

This results in a completely different academic experience. By the time our young men graduate from our program, they benefit from more than just a stable recovery.

Benefits of Educational Programming

There are many benefits to educational programming as it sets individuals up for a healthy lifestyle and successful career. By learning important life skills while becoming educated on specific subjects, participants are able to lay a solid foundation for their future. Additionally, this program offers the potential for job placement, which can help them for years to come.

The young men at New Life House also benefit from being surrounded by other residents who put their recovery first. This differs from being surrounded on campus and in dorms by a predominantly party focused lifestyle. As a result, the young men of New Life House are able to navigate academic pressures, have the support necessary to succeed, and are able to always keep their recovery and mental health a priority.

Additional benefits of educational programming include:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • An improved sense of confidence
  • Developing coping mechanisms
  • Forming a long-term career plan
  • Extensive support and mentorship

Meet the Director of Education for New Life House

Alexander Salman is the Director of Education for New Life House. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University. Alex has a great deal of experience in several occupational fields. He has worked as a mentor, a career development consultant, and an interviewing guide for his peers at Johns Hopkins University.

Alex understands how to talk to young men on their level. He has experience not just communicating the benefits of education, but of helping the guys determine where their passions lie as well as map out an effective route to bring them to fruition. He helps individuals build a bright future for themselves that includes preparation for working in a field that provides a satisfying income and work that proves to be meaningful.

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