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A Sober Living in Orange County helps provide a drug and alcohol free transitional housing for members in early recovery.  Whether your looking for a sober living for a loved one or yourself, it’s important to recognize what type of sober living environment would best meet an individuals needs rather than their wants.

There are quite a few Sober Livings in Orange County that adhere to those new in recovery.  The primary purpose of a sober living is offer safe housing with other people who are also in recovery from addiction.

Are Sober Livings in Orange County the Same, or Different from Eachother?

Each Sober Living in Orange County is different from another.  In fact, the term “sober living” represents a broad range of services, structure and support. A traditional sober living in Orange County doesn’t offer too much hands-on support or accountability.   Most usually entail minimum requirements such as (attending 2-3 meetings weekly, coming home by curfew, no drug or alcohol use permitted, pay rent on time).  When sober livings were first established, the population in need of sober living were primarily older males that were in need of sober housing where they could continue to work and participate in their personal/professional obligations.

Because each sober living has their own requirements, we encourage you to ask questions when seeking a sober living environment.  Some questions we suggest you ask are:

  1. How many people reside in the sober living?
  2. How much time sober due the majority of the residents have?
  3. How often are drug tests administered?
  4. What is the age group of the sober living members?
  5. Are there any “house meetings”?
  6. What type daily structure takes place in the sober living?

Sober Living in Orange County for Young Men

Whether in a sober living in Orange County of living independently, young men need to have a community to participate in- other young men who share similar lifestyles in recovery.  Without a support system, sobriety can be incredibly difficult to achieve.

We have found that young men have the best chances for a successful recovery when they have a peer-based community, live in a supportive, structured environment outside of their hometown where they can take the necessary time away from distractions to work on themselves and build a foundation in their recovery within a community they can connect with.

More Questions?

We have worked with many families in Orange County with a loved one struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse.  We specialize in age-specific recovery communities for young men.  For more information regarding Sober Living in Orange County, please contact (888) 357-7577.


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577