Who We Are

New Life House is an established recovery community with over thirty years of demonstrated evidence guiding young men ages 18-32 years old to realizing long lasting sobriety and a purpose-filled life.

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Why we’re different.

New Life starts with the basics and provides young men the support and guidance to become happy, independent adults. With a step-down phase system that provides healthy structure, unparalleled life skills support, one of the largest young adult recovery communities in the nation, and a huge focus on family, its hard to go wrong.

We help our sober living residents here in Torrance, CA get to the causes and conditions that prevent them from living life on life’s terms. By building a strong foundation and focusing on internal work, we help young men discover themselves, rejoin life, and restore their place in the family.

Why we work.

New Life House is a family. Over the last 30 years, we’ve built an active alumni community of hundreds of young men who are involved and mentor our newer members. Our guys are supported by a huge network of people – graduates, New Life House staff, the amazing therapists and psychiatrists at Clear Recovery Center, and our community of involved families. Through unity, recovery and service…to each other, our recovery community, our families and the world… we are committed to helping our guys with the process of living life fully present. Together, we overcome our struggles and learn to meet life head on, successfully.

24/7 Support


In-House Meetings


12-Step Meetings


Comprehensive Structure


Elimination of Distractions


Positive Peer Collaboration


True change. True results.

At New Life House, success isn’t just not picking up a drink or a drug, its changed behavior, emotions and an ability to live life with purpose. We give our guys the support and structure they need to not just stay sober but to be truly equipped with the coping mechanisms they need to flourish in life. This structure, community and commitment to life skills has been the bedrock of our program since 1985; it fosters a personal growth and change that truly sets us apart from other sober living environments. We invite you to come check us out our sober living location in Torrance, CA and see firsthand our amazing alumni and family community.

Some reviews from our families.

  • This place saved my life, one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. There is no way I could have achieved sobriety any other way. I have an understanding of myself, bonds with people that are beyond imaginable and life skills that I can carry into the world.

    Jason G.
  • Thank you New Life House for your integrity and commitment in helping young men like my son who are falling victim to the drug epidemic. Through your program, our son learned what “authentic recovery” means, and gained the tools he needed to manage life’s twists and turns.

    Lori K.
  • With the foundation and tools my son received from New Life House, he now lives a life that he truly loves. He has a great job, his own apartment and supports himself without any help from us. I am so grateful for his recovery!


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      Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577

      Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577