Our Community

If sobriety is going to be appealing, it needs to be rewarding, filled with purpose and fun. There is no shortage of personal growth, excitement and camaraderie in the New Life House recovery community.

Join the New Life House sober living community.

Connection is the tissue from which our lives are constructed, and here at New Life, nourishing substantial relationships is our main priority. It is the lifeblood of everything that we do. The love and support these guys show one another for years after leaving is something you’d have to see to believe. Simply put, it is indescribably wonderful.

Whether you’re a young man ready for a change or a parent, sibling, wife, or child—as soon as you step through our door, you’re family. Our community means a lot to us, and we hope it will to you too!

A reliable sober living community.

Find long-lasting success in recovery.

Staying sober after graduation.

Far too often, people leave treatment high and dry, with little more than a heart full of hope and a packet of local AA meetings. Good intentions aside, we have seen that method fall flat too many times. That’s why the end of your stay is only the beginning of your New Life experience.

No matter how long you’ve been out of the program, you’ll always have a home base here at New Life. If you’re stopping by to catch up with our staff or to offer some hope to our newest residents, the doors are always open. Our alumni stick together through thick and thin, lifting each other through everything life has to offer. Around here, we say “the proof is in the pudding”, and one look at our expansive graduate community is the best proof we can offer.

New Life House Alumni Involvement

One of the most powerful aspects of our community is the continued participation of the New Life graduates. There are hundreds of active alumni at any given time, who’s involvement is imperative for the success of not only our house members, but also their own.

We have seen that true selflessness is one of the most powerful tools for sustaining a life in recovery. When they’re not busy finishing college, pursuing careers, or building new relationships, you can find our graduates at the house, sharing their own experience with those working to find a way out. It is in this common struggle that we see what their greatest liability had once been, addiction, turn into their greatest asset—the purpose and joy of truly helping another.

So, whether it’s sponsorship, transportation to 12 step meetings, rides to errands and appointments, events at the house, or activities built specifically for alumni, there’s no shortage of ways for members of the community to stay involved.

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