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Recovery homes can be an expensive but necessary prospect when considering aftercare for a recovering alcoholic or addict. But it begs the question, does insurance pay for recovery homes?

Why Doesn’t Insurance Pay for Recovery Homes?

Unfortunately, California does not currently submit insurance licensure to recovery homes or sober livings, meaning that they are not able to obtain insurance contracts. This means that nearly all recovery homes are private pay, and do not accept any type of insurance.

Despite this, there are a fair amount of treatment centers and programs which actually provide recovery homes and sober living environments for their clients at a discounted rate or as a “side benefit” to their programs. Be aware, this is extremely gray area! Many of these sober living / treatment options do not have a highly structured or accountable environment for these facilities.

Recovery Homes are Aftercare, Not Treatment

When seeking treatment for alcoholism or addiction, typically treatment is suggested as the first step. This includes, but is not limited to both residential and outpatient treatment centers. Though many of these outpatient treatment centers may contract with sober livings to get you a better deal, it is important to be aware of their level of structure.

A recovery home’s goal is to ultimately help the client be ushered back into the stream of life with successful life skills and a community for them to be able to fall back on. Aftercare recovery homes should be considered as their own separate entity when considering a treatment plan following residential rehab.

Help Finding Recovery Homes is Available

It is important to be informed when considering a recovery home, and not be swayed just because of the cost or your inability to afford it. Many recovery homes offer options for low-income families and there are options for almost any familial situation. Even though the majority of recovery homes do not accept healthcare insurance from providers such as Aetna, Cigna, First Health, Humana, United Healthcare or Health Net, there are options available for almost any familial situation. If you are seeking more information about sober living or aftercare and have questions about how to pay for it, please do not hesitate to call our toll-free number at (888)357-7577.


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