How Much Does Staying at a Sober Living Home Cost?

After completing an addiction treatment program, it is not uncommon to be unsure of your next steps in recovery. Many young men find that staying at a sober living home could be beneficial, as they can maintain their sobriety with lots of support. As such, it is easy to understand why you might be wondering, “How much does a sober living cost?”

Is Sober Living a Good Idea?

You need to live somewhere after you complete rehab, and often you would be paying rent or living expenses anyway. Ask yourself, would you rather come home to find roommates using drugs and alcohol or roommates who want to live alcohol and drug-free?

Staying in a sober living home means you never have to deal with roommates pressuring you into drinking or using drugs.  Furthermore, moving into a sober living home means you never have to worry about whether your roommates have paid their share of the rent on time. Instead, you just need to pay your rent on time.

In addition, you will always have a safe, secure, supportive, and quiet environment where you can continue working on your sobriety and creating a new life. Other reasons why sober living is a good idea include:

  • You have more control over your exposure to family and friends.
  • You cannot move back home with your parents.
  • Your chances of relapse are lower than if you were living with friends.
  • You are not yet ready to face the world sober.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost? 

No one should ever put a price on their recovery. With this in mind, the amount of rent you pay to reside in a sober living home depends on several factors. 

For example, some sober living homes are all-inclusive. This means the price of your room, food, and other incidentals are covered in your rent. On the other hand, other homes may only charge you rent for your room and require you to pay for your own groceries, cleaning supplies, internet, cable TV, and other incidentals.

Be sure to look at what your rent will cover when comparing costs. You still need to pay for food and other expenses if you live in an apartment somewhere else. Therefore, if the sober living home offers an all-inclusive option, you do not have to worry about most additional living expenses. 

Alternatively, if the cost only covers rent, try comparing that cost to the rent you would pay to live somewhere else. Most young men are surprised sober living costs are about the same as they would be to live independently without the added benefits of a sober living home. 

How Do People Usually Pay Rent for Sober Living? 

It is not uncommon for people to have a part-time job to pay for residing in a sober living home. Some people may also be fortunate enough to have financial support from their families to help pay their rent. 

Does Health Insurance Cover Sober Living?

While health insurance covers medical expenses associated with drug or alcohol addiction, it does not cover the rent of a sober living home. So, if the home offers access to ongoing outpatient programming, support groups, and other medical-related services, health insurance could cover those costs but not your rent. 

Is Residing at a Sober Living Home Tax-Deductible?

Typically, the rent you pay to reside at a sober living home is not tax-deductible. However, some states allow tax filers to deduct a rent credit from their state tax return. If your state offers a rent credit, you might be able to claim this deduction.

What to Look for in a Sober Living Home

When you are shopping for a sober living home and researching how much does sober living cost, you will also want to consider what amenities and benefits residents receive, such as:

  • Personalization of Program Options
  • Employment Assistance
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Vocational Opportunities
  • Support Program Options
  • House Rules to Maintain a Sober Living Environment
  • Age-Specific Homes
  • Gender-Specific Homes
  • Alumni Programs
  • Aftercare Support  

Ideally, you want a sober living home that will provide the care and support you need. You also want a sober living home that will help you learn how to live a sober, independent lifestyle.

Young Men’s Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles

How much does sober living cost in Los Angeles at young men’s sober living homes? You might be surprised that the prices are very comparable to the rent you would pay for an apartment. Of course, the costs also depend on the home’s location within the Los Angeles area. 

New Life House is here to help you continue your recovery journey. Enjoy the benefits of sober living in a caring and supportive environment. We have homes in Redondo Beach and Los Angeles to help young men with personalized program options, employment and education opportunities, and ongoing recovery support.  

One of the primary benefits we offer our residents is there is no set limit to the length of residency. You are free to live in one of our homes as long as necessary. We understand the importance of allowing you to work on your recovery at your own pace. Contact us when you are ready to become a resident or if you would like further information about our young men’s sober living homes.

Last Updated on September 27, 2022


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