What to Look for in Local Sober Living Homes

Finding a local sober living home in Redondo Beach, CA, to continue your drug and alcohol addiction recovery can be an essential step to building long-term sobriety. After completing a rehab program there is an adjustment period. Acclimating to your new sober life can be overwhelming. This is where local sober living homes come in.

What is a Local Sober Living Home?

As you adjust to sobriety, you may not yet be prepared to face the outside world or fully resume your daily routines. You may be worried about facing stressful situations that could trigger a relapse. Sober living homes provide the gradual transition between the structure of residential treatment and the unknowns of day-to-day life.

A local sober living home is a sober living facility where you live alongside other young men working on their sobriety. Some young men may have just completed an intensive inpatient rehab program. Other young men may have moved into the home and are just starting an outpatient program for their addiction.

Moving into a sober living home can help you get and stay clean and sober. It can take time to step back into your life. The transition period provided by a sober living home can provide the structure you need while continuing to work on your sobriety.

What Should You Look for in Local Sober Living Homes?

You want to look for a local sober living home that provides the programming and benefits for young male clients, including:

  • Amenities – You want a sober living home that offers a range of amenities so you will feel comfortable living in the house. 
  • Certifications – Accreditation for local sober living homes is fairly new. However, you should look for a state-licensed home that offers drug testing, therapy, family counseling, and continuing recovery programs. 
  • Structure – The home should have a set of rules for the residents to follow along with effective means to enforce the rules should a young man decide to break them. 
  • Safety – You want a home that treats the safety of its residents as a top priority. Things like drug testing, residents’ councils, and house managers are good indications of how seriously the home takes resident safety.
  • Support – You want a home that promotes building a strong sense of community amongst its residents. There should be regular social activities, outings, and events that encourage residents to participate. 
  • Education – There should be opportunities for young men to continue their education or vocational training to develop essential career skills. 
  • Life Skills – Most young men who struggle with substance abuse and addiction lack some life skills. Learning and practicing life skills is crucial for independent living and sobriety. 
  • Group Camaraderie – Young men need a place where they feel welcomed and supported by their peers. Group camaraderie helps young men build healthy relationships free from drugs and alcohol. 

What Should You Expect in Sober Living?

Local sober living homes provide a space for young men to continue working on their sobriety and developing necessary skills, free from outside influences that could lead to relapse. In addition, there should be a balance between freedom, responsibility, and structure to maintain a sober living environment, with:

  • Random alcohol and drug testing of residents.
  • Holding residents accountable for their actions.
  • Developing a structured routine that includes individual therapy and group support.
  • Providing access to the skills and training needed for independent living. This includes nutrition education, meal preparation, hygiene, and making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Providing opportunities to enjoy activities and events, such as movie nights, hiking, surfing, and camping.

What are the Benefits of Gender-specific and Age-specific Sober Living? 

Gender-specific and age-specific sober living programs for young men in Redondo Beach, CA, help remove temptations and distractions that could put you at risk of relapsing. In addition, early in recovery, having the support of other young men around your age is very beneficial and helps you start forming supportive bonds with your peers. 

Other benefits of gender-specific and age-specific sober living are:

  • Learning how to address difficult emotional experiences without relying on alcohol or drugs. 
  • Having the peer support needed to establish the foundations for a new sober life. 
  • Talking openly about your emotions and feelings without being judged. 
  • Treatments and programs are designed for young men in recovery. 
  • It is easier to form bonds with your peers who have similar interests. 
  • You can form new friendships with your peers that can transform into life-long bonds and support. 

Local Sober Living Homes in Redondo Beach, CA

Taking the steps to develop long-term sobriety can be easier when you consider moving into local sober living homes in Redondo Beach, CA, like New LIfe House. We offer a structured gender-specific and age-specific environment for young men. Our programs help you work on your sobriety in a caring, supporting, and safe environment.

We assist you in developing a customized sober living program that best reflects your interests, needs, and goals. For further information about our sober living homes, please feel free to contact us, email us at [email protected], or call us at (888) 357-7577 today! 

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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