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At New Life House, we help young men discover and relearn the new life skills that are imperative to living a successful and fulfilling life in recovery, as an independent young man.

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What Life Skills Can I Learn in Recovery?

Many families that find their way to New Life House are struggling to help their son or loved one gain the proper life skills as an independent young adult in recovery. Often called Failure to Launch, this phenomenon is characterized by a difficulty taking on adult responsibilities or becoming self-sufficient.

Combined with substance abuse issues, young men can find themselves stuck indefinitely, with an inability to move forward, self-defeating behaviors, a lack of self-esteem, and challenges trying to overcome daily struggles. New Life House specializes in helping young men to navigate these waters. While abstinence from substances is an important piece of the puzzle, acquiring, practicing, and becoming comfortable with a whole host of new life skills and coping mechanisms is equally important. 

Transitioning from a lack of independence and substance abuse issues to a fulfilling, healthy, productive, can appear to be an insurmountable challenge at first glance. New Life House, our sober living in Torrance, California provides a proven framework that has been tested and honed since 1985 that allows this challenge to be met head on, piece by piece. Some of the skills that we teach and give our guys an opportunity to practice include –


Self-care is something that can be a struggle for emerging adults. Abusing substances compounds the problem, and learning how to actually take care of oneself after becoming dependent on substances can be more difficult than it seems. At New Life House in Torrance, CA, we work with our guys on basic self-care like doing laundry and preparing meals, but also incorporate morning meditation, a daily reflection time, and more. Additionally, our guys participate in yoga, breathwork, and more while engaging at Clear. Other aspects of balanced, healthy living like sleep, exercise and emotional wellness are prioritized as well.

Eating Well

One of the common pitfalls of early recovery and addiction treatment is unhealthy eating habits. Often, a diet of fast foods, microwaved meals, and other unhealthy habits is adopted. At New Life House, not only do we provide meals, but we teach our young men to prepare them, setting them up for long term success when it comes to independent living, and insuring that they do not default to a diet of convenient but unhealthy eating after leaving this Torrance, CA sober living environment.

Maintaining a Living Space

Cleanliness and organization are rarely prioritized when a young man is dealing with substance abuse. Learning to cohabit with others, take pride in your home, and keep things orderly are all crucial to keeping a clear mental and emotional space for someone in recovery. We work with our guys on developing these skills, and enjoy the looks of surprise on many of our guy’s parent’s faces when they realize that the immaculate living conditions they find their sons in upon visiting are wholly maintained by our residents’ own efforts.

Time Management

Being timely helps to prevent chaos and stress from infiltrating one’s life. It is also a way to show respect to oneself and others. The young men in New Life House have the opportunity throughout the day to practice time management, and each evening we have a dedicated Family Meeting, part of which is spent on prioritizing, planning the following day, and figuring out the best way to approach the many responsibilities that come with emerging adulthood. These skills help keep peace and harmony within one’s life and allow our young men to take on more responsibility while remaining emotionally centered.

Creating Healthy Relationships

An exceptional amount of time is spent focused on relationships. Our guys work on communication skills, setting boundaries, empathy and compassion, and listening while in the program, so that they can improve their relationships with themselves, their peers, and their families. One of the most amazing aspects of New Life House is watching the life-long relationships that are developed throughout the process, as the guys grow and mature together. Additionally, the family restoration that takes place is remarkable, as parents and their sons form new, stronger bonds than they have often ever experienced.

Obtaining and Sustaining a Job

Wanting to be independent is one thing, but actually being able to do it is another. Everyone that goes through New Life House will eventually start working and contributing to their recovery financially. We work with our young men on every aspect of this process, from constructing a resume, to putting together an appropriate outfit, to the logistics of job searching, to applications, to mock interviewing, and selecting the appropriate position. They excel in the workforce with the skills they have learned, and develop tremendous self-esteem along the way.

Managing Money

Learning the basics of financial management and budgeting is another huge piece of successful independent living. We spend time with our young men on budgeting, planning out expenditures, and developing good financial habits. This is intensified once someone gets a job, and begins to take on some of the responsibility of contributing to rent, and other financial obligations. By graduation of our sober living in Torrance, our young men are well on their way to financial independence and have a renewed appreciation for and understanding of how to manage their money.

Sober Living in Torrance California

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