How to find the Right Counselor or Therapist in Addiction Recovery

No matter what type of addiction your son may have, for them, every day can feel like a constant struggle. Even though you might feel helpless and there is nothing you can do to help your son, there is always a way out. Recovery is possible with the right counselor or therapist. As such, it is essential to take the time to learn how to find the right counselor or therapist for them. The first step is to accept your son has a substance abuse problem, and you want to find  effective ways to encourage them to admit that they need addiction recovery treatment.

Just keep in mind that every family and young man will have different needs for their treatment plan and their addiction recovery from alcohol and drugs. As such, what worked for your best friend’s son, may not necessarily work for your son. 

How to Find the Right Counselor or Therapist?

When evaluating counselors and therapists to help your son with addiction recovery, there are several factors you need to consider. When figuring out how to find the right counselor or therapist, consider these factors:

#1: The Type of Treatment Facility

You need a treatment facility that has experience and expertise in treating young men and teens. Young men and teens are not yet full versions of adults. The substance abuse problems and struggles they are facing are unique to their age group.

Therefore, the counselors and therapists at the facility should have a background of working with teenagers and young adults. When possible, make sure to ask for references.

#2: The Type of Treatment Program

There are different types of treatment programs you should explore. Along with your son, you need to determine which one will best suit his needs and address his addiction, including:

  • Residential Treatment – Residential treatment programs are where your son receives treatment as an inpatient. While in residential treatment, family members can visit and participate in family therapy.
  • Outpatient Treatment – If your son has a solid support system at home, outpatient treatment might be appropriate. With this treatment option, your son continues to live at home, attend school, or work. Your son attends counseling and treatment sessions for two to three hours each day. However, if your son will be tempted to resume using drugs or alcohol this treatment program may not be effective. 
  • Day Treatment – Day treatment programs require checking into a facility for six to eight hours each day. They can be similar to residential treatment, except your son is allowed to live at home while receiving treatment. This program may be appropriate if the home environment is safe — and not a place where he will relapse.

#3: The Post-Treatment Options Available

Recovering from addiction will be an ongoing challenge for your son. It is essential that he continues to receive counseling, attend group sessions, and support to maintain his new sober lifestyle. You want to explore what post-treatment options are offered that could benefit your son.

For example, young adult sober living communities could be a good choice if your son is not yet ready to return home. These communities continue to provide the structure, support, and care your son needs to maintain their sobriety while assisting him in transitioning slowly back to their everyday life. 

#4: The Personality of the Counselor or Therapist

You need to make sure the personality of the counselor or therapist providing addiction recovery treatment fits well with your son. If your son does not like the counselor or therapist, it will be much more difficult for them to want to address their substance abuse problem. Ideally, you want a counselor or therapist that can form a bond with your son to be able to provide the help they need successfully. 

Final Consideration

Even though you may be the one evaluating different facilities, counselors, and therapists, your son needs to be part of the process as well. They need to feel comfortable with the facility they choose and the counselors and therapists that will be a part of their addiction recovery and treatment program. 

Addiction Recovery for Young Men in Southern California

At New Life House, we will help you find the right counselor or therapist for your son. We gear our programs to specific age groups, and we specialize in treating teens and young adults in Southern California. Our counselors and therapists have experience providing the psychological and emotional aspects that often accompany substance abuse in young men. We also encourage families to participate through our family programs. 

By working together with your son and your family, we provide the recovery treatment they need in a supportive environment where they are surrounded by peers they can relate to and form long-lasting friendships as they move forward in their new sober life. 

To learn more about the recovery treatment programs we can provide your son, please feel free to contact us today!

Last Updated on February 22, 2024


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