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Most parents attempt to provide the best possible environment for their children, but even parents with the best intentions can make mistakes. But living in a home where a parent abuses drugs or alcohol can create problems even while the best intentions are held.

Stability in the Home is Key

Regardless of what drugs may be used, or even if it is simply alcohol, the home is subject to a state of disarray because of that factor. It does not mean that the house is doomed to suffer, but it certainly does not help.

To create a safe environment, there needs to be a modicum of stability that warrants predictability. This just simply isn’t possible unless drinking is done responsibly outside of the home. Parents are subject to mood swings and unpredictability while they are intoxicated, which can lead to an undependable environment for children.

Emotional Stressors Impact Children

Even for those who do attempt to ‘hide’ or shelter their drug use from children, the emotional impact can still be substantial to a child. For parents who are addicts, they may say to themselves that their children are themselves the problem, and if only they behaved correctly they wouldn’t be driven to use.

This in turn happens to be a cycle, where the children take part in blaming themselves for the family problems, harboring resentments against their parents and growing up in a home where emotional disconnect is the norm. This does not necessarily mean that they will abuse drugs themselves, but it surely does not help.

Help for Parents who Abuse Drugs

For parents attempting to overcome their own problems with addiction and alcoholism, owning up to their part for how their actions affected their children can be the hardest part. Remember that children try to survive as best they can with a parent who abuses drugs.

There are options for recovery for those with children. For more information about drug use in the home, call us at (888)357-7577.


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