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Recovering from an addiction to legal drugs like Etizolam can be difficult. Many have loved ones that quickly develop a dependency on the drug. This is due to its interaction with GABA receptors in the brain. Seeking treatment is a long process. However, once you find the right facilities, it becomes much easier to support your loved one as they progress on their recovery journey. 

Parents want to believe that their teen or young adult children would never abuse substances. The reality though, is that drug dependency occurs every year. People of all ages are at risk of becoming addicted to drugs like Etizolam. 

Know the signs and symptoms of Etizolam so that you can recognize addiction in your loved one. Once you are able to recognize the presence of addiction, contact us at New Life House. 

What is Etizolam? 

This drug’s composition is similar to Valium and Xanax. It may not sound familiar as Etizolam. It is also called Etilaam, Etizola, or Sedekopan. The primary effects of this complex and damaging benzodiazepine drugs are sedative-hypnotic. As a thienodiazepine, or close cousin to the benzodiazepine, the primary effects have sedative-hypnotic properties. 

Etizolam has been criminalized in certain states, but unfortunately is still accessible. You can purchase it via the internet with little difficulty. Given the ease of availability, many people who buy it are unaware of the addiction risks. 

Young adults and teens frequently abuse Etizolam due to accessibility. It is a major risk for youth in this country. It is important for parents and loved ones to know what to look out for if they believe someone in their life is abusing Etizolam. This way, they can help their loved one seek detox. Detoxing can help them get back to a healthy lifestyle free of addiction. 

Reach out to New Life House if you believe that your son is suffering from an addiction to Etizolam. Our programs are specifically designed to help young men on their path to recovery.

How is Etizolam Being Used? 

Etizolam is a prescription drug. In some places, it is prescribed to treat ailments like anxiety. It can treat sleep disorders like insomnia. However, many abuse the drug in order to self-medicate, which is dangerous. 

People typically administer the drug orally through a pill. Even those who have acquired the drug through a legitimate prescription will often take more than advised. Obtaining the substance does not require a visit to a doctor. You can purchase Etizolam online. The purchasing methods are so discreet that some may not even notice their loved one is taking it. 

New Life House is a great way to initiate separation from Etizolam. Contact New Life House for your loved one, so that they can recover in a safe place. 

What Makes Etizolam Addictive? 

Much like benzodiazepines, Etizolam targets the GABA receptors. Despite being a legally prescribed drug, this substance can be addictive. Those at risk include people who have suffered in the past with addiction. Any person diagnosed with an anxiety or panic disorder may find themselves at risk as well. 

Just like Valium and Xanax, Etizolam has side effects that include physical dependence. The body begins to need Etizolam to function in the way that it did prior to use. It is an analog of benzodiazepine. This means that its composition is similar to those other addictive substances. 

There isn’t as much research about the risks of Etizolam as there are about drugs like Xanax. However, the lack of substantial research doesn’t make it any less of a risk. The drugs are startlingly similar when it comes to addiction and withdrawal. 

Our experts on Etizolam addiction can help. Call New Life House to consult professionals about next steps for your son or loved one. 

Why Do People Start Abusing Etizolam? 

Etizolam can have powerful effects on areas of the brain, like GABA receptors and neural-pathways. Doctors prescribe it for a wide variety of medical conditions. The people who have access to it may then begin to develop dependence on the substance. This is because of the way that the pill naturally interacts with the brain. 

A loved one may start taking the pill to ease symptoms of anxiety or sleep disorders like insomnia. They can obtain Etizolam legally through a doctors prescription. As an alternative, they can purchase it online in some states. If they continue to use the drug with increased frequency, it will begin to change the chemistry of the brain. At this point they will develop dependency. This means that they will feel sufficiently worse when not actively consuming Etizolam. This is where addiction begins. 

Once someone begins to show signs of dependence or addiction, it is important to seek immediate help. Symptoms can get worse and harder to reverse over time. It is up to family, friends, and loved ones to help catch Etizolam abuse early. Consult professionals at New Life House to help intervene early. It is ideal to catch substance abuse before it turns into addiction. 

What Are the Symptoms and Side Effects of Abusing Etizolam? 

It is important to be able to recognize the signs of Etizolam addiction. Once you discover the abuse, your loved one can get help. The side effects of this substance tend to mirror those of drugs like Xanax. 

Here are some of the major side effects: 

  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Drunken or sick appearance. This can be due to slurred speech and confusion as a result of abusing Etizolam
  • An addict may even faint, or suffer from headaches 

Some effects can appear as mental health issues like depression, tremor, and libido changes. 

If you begin to notice any of these symptoms in a loved one, don’t panic. Reach out to New Life House to begin the healing process. Our trained experts help those who are addicted to get back to a healthy lifestyle. 

How Can I Tell if Someone is Addicted to Etizolam? 

If a loved one demonstrates any of the above symptoms, they may be addicted to Etizolam. Often, addictions get overlooked when someone can prove that they have a prescription for the drug. Even those with legal prescriptions can become addicted to the substance. Risk factors include having previously suffered with addiction, or having an anxiety or sleep disorder. 

You can identify physical addiction by the presence of withdrawal symptoms. Etizolam has a relatively short half-life. The drug leaves the body faster than other similar drugs. This means that the person who is suffering from addiction must continue to take Etizolam. If they don’t, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. 

Take note if you observe a loved one continually ingesting the medication. Especially pay attention if they become irritable when they aren’t able to consume it. This could be evidence that they are most likely developing dependency. In order to prevent the continued substance abuse from getting worse, seek help from recovery communities, like us at New Life House. 

How Does Someone Detox from Etizolam? 

Those who are addicted to Etizolam can’t just stop taking it. Taking a drug like this out of their life is a process that can be painful, but worth it. It could end up saving their life. 

Etizolam has a shorter half-life than Diazepam. This means that it tends to pass through the body faster than drugs like Valium. As soon as it leaves the body, withdrawal symptoms can begin. These symptoms can be intense. They can also be dangerous to the health of the person who was dependent on Etizolam. 

It is important to undergo detox from Etizolam in the presence of experts. These side effects can be dangerous. If a person is detoxing alone, the risk for relapse is higher. There is also an increased risk of other health issues. 

New Life House is a post-detox sober living community that helps young men start their sobriety. Contact our helpful team today to learn more.

Etizolam Addiction Treatment and Sober Living

New Life House is a sober living facility. It is for those who are seeking assistance with their addiction or dependence. At New Life House, people are pushed to healthier choices, and observed as they heal and move past their addiction. 

Being alone is one of the most difficult ways to handle addiction or substance dependence. It puts people at higher risk of relapse, overdose, or medical risk. Recovery communities like New Life House are a safe place for those struggling with addiction to Etizolam. At New Life House, they can separate themselves from the substance. They can meet other people who dealt with the same thing, and speak with doctors and experts. 

Contact New Life House to learn about how we can help your loved one. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the facility, or the recovery journey. Our expert staff makes it a priority to ensure that we give assistance to those who need it. 

If your loved one is suffering from addiction, or at risk of relapse, consider New Life House. As a recovery community, we can help them get on the right track.


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