Battling Addiction | One New Life House Mother Shares Her Priceless Gift

Battling Addiction | One New Life House Mother Shares Her Priceless Gift

Bobby started guitar lessons at 9 and after several years, he became an excellent classical guitar player. When he was in middle school, he was already playing college-level classical pieces. He performed on stage several times and composed some musical pieces. I used to imagine that he would earn a music degree from college and have a music career.

Life was not that simple. Our family was challenged with his drug addiction. In the last two years, my hope was to send Bobby to New Life House that his counselor mentioned when he was a teenager. Convincing Bobby turned out to be very difficult. He had so many reasons not to go there. “I wouldn’t be a type of a guy who would feel comfortable living with a group of strangers.” “I’d be able to quit drugs without going to a place like that if I became determined.” “Los Angeles is too far.”, etc, etc.

Having gotten in trouble with the law, he was still stubborn and not agreeable. I had to adjust my thinking and let him hit bottom. This was my moment to learn what tough love meant. Finally, the time came and I drove him to LA. That was in January 2016. The House Director, Brett spent many hours talking to Bobby then he told me, “I am sorry, he is not ready.” I was crushed by his words. On the way home to San Diego, I kept screaming at Bobby and said to him that I lost my son today, he can do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. I dropped him off at the parking lot and he and his friend left. While they drove away, I said goodbye to Bobby thinking that I would never see him again.

A week later, a stranger left a message on my phone saying that Bobby was found sleeping next to the generator on his property and let his worker drop Bobby off at my house. This person was a guardian angel!! If Bobby was not found by this man, I couldn’t imagine how the story would have turned out to be. When I saw Bobby at our front door, he looked skinny and frail barely standing there. At this time, Bobby was ready because he didn’t have much choice.

Finally, streaks of sunlight started shining on us. About 30 days after Bobby was admitted to Miracle House, the House Manager, Sebastian sent me a picture of young guys and Bobby was one of them. I had a hard time recognizing him because he looked like a normal young guy, healthy, clean looking, gained weight and had a smile on his face. Then I was convinced that he was in the right place. Things were not always smooth for him but every time we went to see him, he grew more and became a better person. Christmas came and we received a card from Bobby. In the Christmas card, he said, “I couldn’t imagine I could have a life like this and be happy.” That was the best Christmas gift I ever received.

I am so thankful for the help of the Miracle House Management staff, graduates, and the program. Without these, this could not have been accomplished.

Michiko (Mitch)

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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