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Recovery From Addiction is Attainable

New Life House is recognized nationally for helping those achieve addiction recovery. Addiction is a deadly disease that progresses over a period of time. Though there are many definitions associated with the term “addiction,” recovery for all of them requires more than just physical abstinence from mind-altering substances.

How New Life Can Help With Addiction Recovery

Our unique approach to addiction recovery promotes healthy lifestyles that one takes with them when they leave New Life House. We teach and foster healthy life skills where individuals feel good about who they are and where their lives are heading. This excitement for life is what substitutes the need to want to drink or use.

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Addiction Recovery Los Angeles

When you come to New Life House, you’re a part of our recovery family. Like a family, we support each other through the recovery process. Each of our sober living aftercares are age-specific where house members can relate and identify with each other. Most importantly, they build friendships and a support network with others their own age. Over the years, the New Life House community is full of hundreds of graduates, families and friends that actively support New Life House and stay involved and connected. For recovery to be attractive, you have to feel good!


Recovery from addiction can be an overwhelming process to try and tackle alone. At New Life House, we will help support you or your loved one every step along the path to a successful recovery!

Family Recovery

Addiction can impact the entire family. New Life House works with the parents and family members to help them understand the recovery process. Our weekend family days and barbecues assist in the family healing as a whole. Our comprehensive family support network has been an important factor in the process of family healing.

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