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“What kind of drugs get smoked out of glass pipe?” I hear this question asked by parents a lot – especially early on, when they are first beginning to suspect that their child’s using is more than just casual experimentation.

Marijuana addiction is viewed differently by most people.  Parents who grew up in the 1970’s, at least those living in the outlying states of the nation, seem to have one thing in common when it comes to marijuana addiction and abuse….they share a lackadaisical attitude where the dangers are concerned.

The term ‘Spice’ is actually a genericized trademark of synthetic cannabis, a designer drug that is purposed to mimic the effects of marijuana. Essentially, these products contain synthetic versions of the cannabinoids such as THC found in marijuana in order to achieve the same type of high.

The argument for the safety of marijuana is undeniable. It is a naturally grown and harvested plant, offers a plethora of medicinal benefits, and is even legal in some parts of our own country. So what exactly is the big deal? Alcohol causes exponentially more deaths than marijuana ever has or will, but it is legal everywhere. So what makes marijuana such a touchy subject? The fact is, it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

Gateway drugs are defined as any mood-altering substance, as a stimulant or tranquilizer that does not cause physical dependence but may lead to the use of addictive drugs, such as heroin by The Random House Dictionary.