Is Marijuana Safe if it is 100% Natural?

The argument for the safety of marijuana is undeniable. It is a naturally grown and harvested plant, offers a plethora of medicinal benefits, and is even legal in some parts of our own country. So what exactly is the big deal? Alcohol causes exponentially more deaths than marijuana ever has or will, but it is legal everywhere. So what makes marijuana such a touchy subject? The fact is, it doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

Is Marijuana Safe?

From a medical standpoint, though there is not much evidence that pot-smoking can lead to any serious long-term health issues, there is still the argument that heavy use of the drug can lead to lingering health effects. Marijuana smoke is also filled with many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke, including ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde. Some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. Most users smoke pot in a joint or water pipe, so they breathe the smoke straight into their lungs. There’s no proof that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like cigarettes do. But people who smoke pot do show signs of damage and precancerous changes in their lungs, especially if they also smoke cigarettes.

Studies have also linked years of heavy marijuana use to abnormalities in the brain. Marijuana can also change the structure of sperm cells, induce psychosis and upset a woman’s menstrual cycle. Short and long term memory is also very commonly affected due to chronic use, with many other mental functions diminishing over time because of how the nerve cells are disrupted by THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Mental Effects of Marijuana

Mentally, though, marijuana can affect people in many different ways. For an addict or an alcoholic, the feeling of “never enough” seems to always be present. As with any long term use of anything, it can lead to dependence. Marijuana has always been labeled as a ‘gateway drug’, and for many people who are potential addicts or alcoholics, that is exactly what it is.

Even for someone who is attempting to remain sober from alcohol or hard drugs, smoking marijuana can lead them straight back to them even if they had no intention. Marijuana, as with alcohol or any drug, can lower inhibitions and lead to bad choices. This is precisely why even those who are attempting to abstain from drugs such as heroin or meth are advised to also steer clear of marijuana, as it can lead directly back to old behaviors.

The Legality of Marijuana

Two states have legalized marijuana completely for recreational use, regardless of any type of prescription. The proponents for this legislation are growing in numbers every day, and it may not be long before most states are treating marijuana the same way.

Many people use the legality component of marijuana as a justification or rationalization for their use of the drug. Whatever validity there is to this concept, it is still unmistakable that the use of the drug can be detrimental to someone in recovery from all alcohol or drugs. Utilizing marijuana as a crutch is more replacement therapy than any type of actual recovery from dependence on all drugs and alcohol.

Recreation or Dependence?

As with any drug, marijuana effects different people in different ways. Yet for everyone who uses it, there are serious and undeniable health risks. There are also those who utilize the drug to escape, to deal with problems in a way where they do not have to think about them, developing an unhealthy mental dependence. For them, utilizing it in a recreational fashion is simply not there. What are your thoughts?


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