Signs of Drug Use

Signs of Drug Use

Drug abuse affects more and more teens every day.  Check out these top ten signs of drug use to learn some tell-tale signs that may help you determine if someone you know or love may be using drugs.

1.      Mental State – heightened paranoia, acting defensive, angry, and argumentative.

2.      Physical Signs – blood shot eyes, small pupils, slurring words, poor hygiene, weight loss, getting sick often, unnatural sleeping habits.

3.      Withdraw from Loved Ones – excuses to missing family events, family dinners, and minimal verbal communication (lack of eye contact).

4.      Failing Responsibilities – declining grades in school / dropping classes, loss of job, not motivated bad attitude towards having to show up for life.

5.      Isolation – spending lots of time in bedroom, bathroom taking multiple long showers during the day.

6.      Healthy Activities Collapse – loss of interest in activities such as sports, music, volunteer, theater, etc.

7.      Finances – asking for money all the time, not willing to show bank statements as to where money is going.

8.      Social Shift – sudden change in friends, not bringing them around.

9.      Stealing – stuff missing around the house, money, jewelry, gaming systems, etc.

10.     Paraphernalia – visine, Febreeze, cologne, gum, mints, Listerine, lighters, straws, rolled up dollars, hollow pens, tin foil.


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