Signs of Drug Use

Signs of Drug Use

Drug abuse affects more and more teens every day.  Check out these top ten signs of drug use to learn some tell-tale signs that may help you determine if someone you know or love may be using drugs.

1.      Mental State – heightened paranoia, acting defensive, angry, and argumentative.

2.      Physical Signs – blood shot eyes, small pupils, slurring words, poor hygiene, weight loss, getting sick often, unnatural sleeping habits.

3.      Withdraw from Loved Ones – excuses to missing family events, family dinners, and minimal verbal communication (lack of eye contact).

4.      Failing Responsibilities – declining grades in school / dropping classes, loss of job, not motivated bad attitude towards having to show up for life.

5.      Isolation – spending lots of time in bedroom, bathroom taking multiple long showers during the day.

6.      Healthy Activities Collapse – loss of interest in activities such as sports, music, volunteer, theater, etc.

7.      Finances – asking for money all the time, not willing to show bank statements as to where money is going.

8.      Social Shift – sudden change in friends, not bringing them around.

9.      Stealing – stuff missing around the house, money, jewelry, gaming systems, etc.

10.     Paraphernalia – visine, Febreeze, cologne, gum, mints, Listerine, lighters, straws, rolled up dollars, hollow pens, tin foil.

3 responses to “Signs of Drug Use

  • The paranoia and the lack of physical hygiene were probably two of the most immediate signs with my brother. He would sometimes jump in the shower but place the same clothes back on that would have the same sickly smell you get from days old marijuana smoke. It is a smell I recognize in a split second and one that churns my stomach because of the memories.

  • I appreciate these signs to look for towards drug abuse. I will pray that I never need to fall on them but in the world we live in it may just mean I can save a loved one before they fall in to deeply.

  • C Carroll

    1 year ago

    Every bit describes my stepson who constantly denies drug use yet looks disheveled, can’t keep a job, has totaled multiple cars, stolen money from his mom recently and had a DUI. I see it clearly and the others expect solid proof or a confession. This is crazy.

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