How Do Sober Living Homes Work?

When you are looking for different recovery options for your substance abuse disorder, you have several options, such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and sober living homes. When considering your options, you might be wondering how sober living homes work and how they will meet your recovery needs.

What Is the Structure of Sober Living Homes?

A sober living home provides a structured environment for you to focus on your recovery. It provides a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental living space where foundational recovery skills are strengthened.

Other aspects of structured sober living homes include:

  • Age-Specific Programs – Young men benefit from age-specific programs because it helps them relate to each other while building long-lasting friendships and supporting one another. 
  • Healthy Meals – Learning to eat healthily is essential to recovery and maintaining sobriety. Young men are also taught to create meal plans and prepare meals to be better equipped when they graduate from the sober living home.  
  • A Focus on Life Skills – Many young men never had the opportunity to learn essential life skills because of their substance abuse problems. Helping guys learn and practice life skills means they will become more comfortable doing them independently. 
  • Ongoing Clinical Support – Ongoing recovery support is essential to allow for continued growth, maturity, and the ability to live sober, successful, and independent lives. 
  • Academic Support – Young men may not have finished high school or dropped out of college because of substance abuse. Being able to finish high school and pursue college-level education helps prepare young men for future careers. 
  • Career and Vocational Programming – Not all young men want to pursue college, which is acceptable. For them, career and vocational programming are on offer to help them learn these skills. 
  • Family Involvement – Family is an essential part of the recovery process for young men to have the opportunity to repair damaged relationships with their loved ones. 
  • Alumni Programs – Even after graduating from a sober living home, alumni programs help keep young men involved in many different ways as they take the next steps to live independently. 

How Does Peer Support Help in Sober Living Homes?

Another crucial part of how sober living homes work is peer support. Young men can find encouragement from their peers, and provide encouragement to those new to sober living. Additionally, peers provide insight into their own life experiences and struggles with addiction, providing invaluable insight. 

Together, these things help create a sense of camaraderie between the young men. As a result, peer support continues long after young men graduate and start living independent lives. 

What Should I Expect While Living in a Sober Living Home?

Rules will vary from home to home, but most have a core set that focus on the safety and well-being of their residents. There will also be a schedule for you to follow throughout the day, in order to help establish healthy habits and routines. During the day, you will have set meal times, activity times, free time, and program sessions times based on your individualized treatment plan. 

As you progress in your recovery, school or work may become a part of your daily routines, so adjustments to your schedule are made to reflect your progress. Just because you will be living in a structured sober living home does not mean it should not feel like home. 

What Should I Do to Prepare to Move Into a Sober Living Home?

Your preparations can vary depending on where you are at with your substance abuse recovery. For example, if you are just starting your recovery, you will want to go through supervised detox before moving into a sober living home. On the other hand, if you have already completed an inpatient recovery program, you can transition from that facility to a sober living home to continue your recovery and gradual reintegration into normal routines. 

How Does a Sober Living Home Help Me Stay Sober?

For starters, a sober living home helps you stay sober because it eliminates many of the temptations you will find if you were to complete recovery and simply return home. So often, young men are not yet fully equipped to face temptations and triggers on their own and can quickly relapse into former addictions and bad habits. 

By having the support of peers in a sober living home, it makes it easier to overcome carvings, develop effective coping skills for triggers, and maintain your sobriety. Best of all, there are plenty of fun, social, sober activities to enjoy with your housemates. 

Sober Living Homes for Young Men in Redondo Beach, CA

Now that you know more about how sober living homes work, moving into one to get help with your addiction and develop the skills needed for long-term sobriety is an excellent choice. At New Life House in Redondo Beach, CA, our structured sober living home helps young men by offering them access to a wide range of customizable programming and options for their recovery. 

Furthermore, we provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment where they can continue to work on their recovery, rebuild family relationships, and gradually start moving towards living independently. 

To learn more about our sober living homes and recovery programs, please feel free to contact us, email us at [email protected], or call us at (888) 357-7577 today! 


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