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During the early stages of recovery, the risk of drug and alcohol abuse relapse is highest. To make matters worse, parents and family members often feel overwhelmed when trying to locate a suitable halfway house for a child or other loved one. Nevertheless, halfway houses in Los Angeles offer the necessary support, encouragement, and stability crucial in early recovery. Our guide can further help you understand how a halfway house works and find the right one for you here in Los Angeles, California.

What is a Halfway House?

Halfway houses—also referred to as sober living homes—are residential homes that provide a drug-free and alcohol-free environment for people in early recovery. These houses are a transitional program for individuals who have completed an inpatient treatment program. Similarly, they are a housing option while patients are in an outpatient treatment program. Halfway houses provide the necessary support, stability, encouragement, and safety helpful to the residents’ recovery.

Most halfway houses employ knowledgeable and compassionate staff who are able to monitor the daily activity of the residents. Additionally, these staff members provide encouragement and support to the residents. As a result, they make sure everyone has access to any needed outpatient care. Thus, someone is more likely to avoid relapse the longer they stay in a halfway house.

Learn what a halfway house is in Los Angeles

Benefits of a Halfway House in Los Angeles

Many benefits exist for those who live in a halfway house as part of their addiction recovery. These include:

  • Living in a recovery-based community
  • Structure in the form of rules and schedules
  • Peer support and accountability
  • Living in a safety net between rehab and home and learning responsibility
  • Families have the opportunity to be involved
  • Options for outside treatment are available
  • Addressing mental health concerns
  • Staying for lengthy amounts of time
  • Forming lasting bonds with roommates
  • Opportunity to work or attend school while living there

What Services Are Offered at a Halfway House in Los Angeles, CA? 

Different homes offer a variety of services. Therefore, it is important to research what options are available. For instance, many provide access to outpatient treatment such as individual and group therapy. Holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, art, and music therapy may be available. Lastly, process groups and opportunities for peer accountability within the house may be available.

Additionally, some halfway houses provide transportation to outside appointments, such as therapy sessions, medical appointments, and 12-Step meetings. They may also provide aftercare options, including access to support from staff members after the person has left the home. In fact, many former residents return to offer their own insight, as well as guidance to those now living in the home.

A halfway house in Los Angeles, California, such as the ones offered through New Life House hires qualified and caring staff. Additionally, the staff monitors the daily activity of the residents and provides crucial encouragement and support. Lastly, we offer powerful resources and vital education programs to residents. These help individuals develop the skills needed to keep their lives moving in a positive direction.

Safety and Rules in a Halfway House

Halfway houses provide safe environments for their residents. Additionally, a staff member oversees all house activities and manages it. Thus, the staff can address any concerns and make sure the residents feel comfortable in their temporary living arrangements. Halfway houses for addiction recovery are often located in desirable neighborhoods, providing the feeling of any other residence in the area. The safety and comfort levels of halfway homes are similar to those experienced in residential and intensive outpatient programs.

When you find a halfway house, you may wonder what sort of rules they have in place. While they vary from house to house, there are some that are common to many locations. These include:

  • Drug tests or breathalyzer tests
  • Maintaining a sober status
  • A curfew
  • Sharing household duties
  • Attending support groups/sobriety-based meetings
  • Visitor policies
  • House meetings for residents to discuss any issues they have
  • Acting respectfully toward each other
  • Adhering to house manager established policies

How Long Does Someone Live in a Halfway House?

There is no set time a person must live in a halfway house. It depends heavily on the individual, their circumstances, and their position in recovery. Typically, they spend anywhere from 3 to 12 months in a halfway house; however, they can stay longer if needed.

It is highly recommended teens and young adults remain in a halfway house for at least a year. This offers them the best chance at achieving emotional and physical recovery from addiction. In fact, those who participate in a long-term program at any age experience a generally higher success rate.

How long can you stay at a halfway house in Los Angeles

Are There Halfway Houses Near Me?

New Life is a halfway house located in Los Angeles, making it easily accessible to locals. We offer multiple locations, and all facilities are conveniently located near an assortment of attractions, such as beaches and parks. To add, public transportation within town provides easy access to our halfway houses. For those coming from out of town, Los Angeles offers a central location easily reached by car, plane, bus, and train.

Does Insurance Pay For Halfway Houses in Los Angeles, CA?

Insurance companies rarely pay for halfway houses or any other type of sober living environment. California does not offer licensed certification for halfway houses, and in turn, insurance contracts are not able to be obtained by them. If needed, many halfway houses will work with you to set up a payment plan that is advantageous for both parties.

Generally, the cost of halfway houses can range anywhere from $300 to $2,000 a month. Some people’s loved ones aid in their sober living costs while others use their personal savings or seek immediate employment. Lastly, select individuals may be eligible for scholarships or grants that can be applied toward their rent.

Gender and Age-Specific Halfway Houses

When looking for a halfway house, it is recommended to opt for gender and age-specific programs. Higher rates of success are often seen in these programs. It is beneficial for individuals in early recovery to establish relationships with and receive understanding from their peers. These programs allow them to connect on a deeper level with peers, as they will share a common viewpoint and similar struggles. Additionally, gender and age-specific programs ensure that individuals will feel comfortable and supported in their sober living environment.

The Los Angeles Sober Community 

Los Angeles’s sober living community is highly regarded because it offers residents fun activities, sunny scenery, and necessary accountability as they integrate back into society. The iconic city of Los Angeles houses one of the largest and most-involved recovery communities in the world. In addition to stellar treatment facilities, L.A. also offers numerous sober events and has an extensive young adult sober community.

Additionally, the Los Angeles area is home to countless 12-Step support groups. In fact, over 300 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings take place every week in Los Angeles, California. Hence, anyone can attend a meeting at virtually any hour of the day in order to get the necessary support.

Los Angeles is also perfect to explore with the friends someone has made in recovery. They will be able to keep each other accountable and enjoy sober activities with a clear mind and healthy body. New Life House’s sober living locations are in close proximity to the city’s most alluring attractions, delicious restaurants, and breathtaking sights. Individuals are also encouraged to interact with their families during this time, as well as search for job opportunities in L.A. and beyond.

Find a Halfway House in Los Angeles

New Life House in Los Angeles offers structured sober living for young adults on the road to recovery. We have been helping men overcome addiction and lead exciting sober lives since 1985. If you have any questions about how to find a halfway house for a loved one who needs to overcome substance abuse, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions team.


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