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There are roots of success within our Failures. Failure and Success are contrasts of one another; to experience Failure is to experience Success.  We have all experienced Failure; running our head against a wall, sitting in defeat, and finally presented with a choice to quit or pursue.  Problems that arise in recovery usually stem from whether or not to act on fears and doubts.  Fear of perceived failure is more of a dream killer than an actual failure in recovery. “I’m not going to try anymore because I don’t think I can.”  This is a common thought that has crossed the minds of those seeking recovery.  So the idea is to go beyond our limitations, through the boundaries of one’s own fear and doubt, which cause a person to quit.  Failure can and should be our greatest teacher.  Failure can provide lessons that lead to success.  Failure can be the spiritual test to our resilience and character.  To be successful can truly be an inside job.

In economics there is a term called J curve: a term used to describe a growth pattern, which initially begins to decline as old patterns and habits are disrupted and then grows past the starting point as new patterns and habits are integrated.   The danger is stopping at the bottom where things look bleakest and quitting.

The true nemesis to success is not failure but listening to the fears and doubts that inspire one to give up and quit any attempt at success.  Especially in the early stages of recovery, quitting and giving up is the greatest danger for an alcoholic/addict.

Behind each dip in the J Curve is an experience set up within the failure that metabolizes into continued growth. It is perceived Failure that sparks the decision to quit.  Behind perceived Failure, wait fear and doubt, and these kill more dreams than failure ever will.

Not every J Curve is completed in success even if there is a commitment to see it through, a state that would normally be call a Failure.  However, again, it is only a true Failure if it leads one to quit.  There are lessons to be learned and experience to be gained from any Failure, which can be used to form new attempts at success in achieving our goals.  It is at this point that we need Patience to reformulate and try again.  It is said that Steve Jobs failed, failed, and failed again until he finally broke through and created the Apple we know today.

However, in recovery we can hit the same wall over and over and wonder why we are at a plateau. It is here that we need to reach out to our community to seek help, input and sustenance to continue on our journey towards recovery.  A big thing now is Cloud Funding to support new ideas and Cloud Engineering to introduce a situation out to the public, in order to receive input from anyone with direct experience and intuition.  However, this is nothing new to alcoholics/addicts in recovery.  Every 12-step meeting, sober living and rehab is a crucible of experience, knowledge and support to help alcoholics/addicts find their way.  Growth is not always linear, sometimes we back track and dip down before our biggest growth, and it is achieved more quickly with the help and support of others who have been there or are there with us now.  The sense of commonality is such an integral part of recovery.  Having a home-base full of those recovering from the same problems is essential.  A newly recovering person can sometimes only have the smallest seed of hope to change, but Community nurtures these seeds to grow roots into hopes and dreams of an abundant future.  Journeys of growth are shared, and principles of patience, momentum and resilience can strengthen together.

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Failure can be the spiritual test of our resilience.  Failure is not the dead end or meant as complete defeat.  Presented with Failure, will we face it or will we run.  The Courage in Resilience will come after walking through fear.  Walking through Failure can truly break the chains of its hypnosis over our daily lives.  No matter how many times one must fail, the journey always justifies its means.  Go beyond your limitations, for what is Failure but the boundary of your own fear and doubt.  Reach for the stars and beyond; break the atmosphere of fear and doubt.  It is the Gravitational weight of them that bind us and keep us down, and quitting.  Combat fears with questions; challenge them with conversations from those who inspire. Persevere! Your dreams desperately yearn for your own inspiration.  What is that final push needed to walk through fear and doubt?  Simply, its power and internal strength we get through having the courage to change the things we can.  An abundance of courage comes after walking through fear, and the more fear we walk through, the more courageous we become to create and inspire change.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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