Real Recovery Success Story: Chris | Recovery Miracle

Real Recovery Success Story: Chris | Recovery Miracle

New Life House: What is your sobriety date?

Chris: December 31st, 2014.

NLH: What does your involvement look like with the house now that you have been out for several months?

Chris: I have a sponsee that I work with on a weekly basis. I enjoy giving house members rides to meetings and being able to check in with them on how things are going. Just being of service where ever the house needs me to be because I have been given this precious gift of sobriety.

NLH: You talked a bit about being of service to the house. why do you feel the need to do those things?

Chris: Well first off the house have given me a happy life that I enjoy and that has enabled me to reconnect and have a healthy relationship with my family. And I was always told that in order for me to keep my serenity and a positive life I must give it away to those in need of something that I have found.

NLH: You talked about reconnecting with your family. How were those relationships before you came into the house and how have they grown?

Chris: Before I came into the house I was always lying to my parents about various things and they could never trust me or take my word for anything. Progressing through the house I was able to pick up a kit of spiritual tools, one being honesty, which has allowed me to build a relationship with my parents that has a rock solid foundation and promotes trust.

NLH: Looking back on your experience at New Life House what has been the most beneficial attribute that has lead to your success?

Chris: Community has been the number one thing for me to have towards building a life for myself. being removed from my old way of life and bringing me into a place where everyone is doing positive things with their lives has helped motivate me and push me towards bigger and better things. People that I can confide in to talk about my hardships and shed light on my struggles, is priceless for me. I had been to a lot of different outpatient programs and I never felt a connection between anyone, they were people there at different stages of life. With the New Life House, all of the men were around my age and had a lot of similar hobbies and were easily relatable.

NLH: What are those bigger and better things for you currently and in the future?

Chris: Right now I work in a sales department at a high-end retail store in Beverly Hills. I have been able to move further along in the company as well as receive health benefits and a 401k. I have gained insightful knowledge on business management and will be best equipped to use that information wherever I may find myself in the future, if it is not there then another company later down the road.

NLH: What characteristics about yourself  that you have acquired through NLH would you say has been at the forefront of you becoming successful?

Chris: Honesty has been one of the main characteristics that I have acquired through getting sober which has propelled me into a successful career. It was my honesty that initially got me the job I currently am working for, I was up front with being in a sober living and changing my way of life. They respected this and were willing to give me a shot. I followed this opportunity with being able to own up to my mistakes and not rationalize my behaviors which has earned my employers trust. Honesty is the key for any relationship to foster. In this case, the honesty that I learned through the house was crucial for my initial step towards a career.

NLH: What would be some advice for guys in recovery?

Chris: Be honest with yourself and others, let people know where you are at emotionally so you can get the proper help to with what you’re going through.

NLH: Would you like to add anything else?

Chris: This house has given me a beautiful life and I am forever grateful. I chose to live in that gratitude and express my gratitude through the acts of service and kindness.

Thank for your time Chris!

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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