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Overcoming an addiction requires not only a long-term commitment to sobriety and a solid support system consisting of like-minded individuals, but also the care and guidance of trained professionals. The drug rehab aftercare staff at New Life House work closely with house members to address the underlying issues that have contributed to their current addiction, imparting new tools and ways of thinking to aid them in their newfound sobriety. New Life House in Los Angeles deals with every kind of addiction, housing men who have been through everything from alcohol detox to heroin treatment.

It is very common for addicts to suffer from both physical and mental withdrawals in the early stages of sobriety. Drugs such as meth and heroin are powerful narcotics that not only create a mental dependency but a physical one as well. The detox process off of drugs and alcohol may be quite uncomfortable and even painful, therefore when coming off of substances such as heroin or large amounts of alcohol, it is suggested that an individual start with a drug detox at a rehab center. A drug detox is performed by medical professionals in a clinical setting who can monitor an individual’s health at all times. Detox is only the first step in sobriety for heroin rehab centers. Drug treatment aftercare centers, or sober living facilities, take over guiding the individual through the process of recovery after detoxification is complete. Addiction is more than physical dependency, there are always underlying emotional elements that need to be examined, dissected, and addressed. New Life House encourages their house members to identify their old, destructive habits and replace them with more effective, healthy methods.

Through drug detox and the attendance of an aftercare center like New Life House, the first steps towards healing can be made. New Life House bases their recovery philosophy on the 12 Step program, encouraging house members to start taking responsibility for their actions, their choices, their lives. Paired with peers of the same age and same mindset, New Life House members garner a wealth of support to draw strength from during their drug treatment. At New Life House, invaluable support networks are created, networks that last far beyond graduation from the program.

Heroin Treatment in Los Angeles

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you probably have witnessed how it can completely grab ahold of a person’s life. A life-long addiction can be devastating to so many people, but there is treatment available through rehab centers and aftercare services. At New Life House, Structured Sober Living, house members can recover in a safe, loving environment and began their first steps towards a life of sobriety.


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