5 Ways To Help A Friend In A Sober Living House

When you have a friend recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, an essential part of their recovery could be moving into a sober living home. Part of their recovery can also include repairing damaged relationships with their friends. Having contact with friends outside the sober living home is equally vital to their ongoing recovery. 

What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house is a residential house where everyone is working on their recovery. For example, many young men will transition from an inpatient or residential rehab program to a sober living house to continue their treatment. Other young men move into a sober living home when starting an outpatient rehab program for the added stability provided by the structured and sober environment. 

Why Should You Help a Friend in a Sober Living House?

Your friend has most likely had limited contact with the outside world for some time since they decided to get help for their substance abuse disorder. Having access to friends can help them prepare to return home and maintain their sobriety. 

In addition, your friend’s addiction could have damaged your relationship with them. One way you can help your friend is to make efforts to repair that damage. While you may not yet be ready to trust them completely, taking the first steps to repair the damage can do wonders for your friend and their recovery, especially if you want to save your friendship. 

Ways to Help a Friend in a Sober Living House

Even though your friend is living in a sober living house, it does not mean you cannot have contact with each other. Most homes have hours where guests can visit. Your friend may also be free to come and go as he pleases, so long as he is back by curfew. As such, you will have plenty of opportunities to your friend in different ways, including:

#1. Learn About Their Recovery

One of the best ways to help your friend is to find resources to learn more about addiction and their recovery processes. By better understanding the illness that affected your friend, you will be prepared as they continue to make changes to their lifestyle to maintain their sobriety. 

#2. Make Adjustments to Your Habits

It is normal to make adjustments to your habits for your friend. For example, if you used to hang out drinking, you will want to abstain when they are around. It is equally beneficial to hide any alcohol in your home when they visit. The last thing you want is to create a trigger for your friend and cause them to lapse. 

#3. Be Prepared for Changes to Your Friendship

Your friend will be making serious decisions about their life and future. Part of this process can result in changes to your friendship. They may not have as much time to hang out and may want to bring you into a new circle of sober friends. 

They could even want to spend time exploring other activities with you. So, even though your friendship can change, as long as you are committed to your friend, the changes that do occur are better for you both in the long run.

#4. Do Not Try to Manage Their Recovery

Your friend is already getting plenty of support from their aftercare program, sober living house, and peers they reside with. When they want to spend time with you, they are looking for someone to hang out with, share a laugh, and just have some fun. The last thing they need is for you to try to tell them what they can and cannot do by attempting to manage their sobriety. 

#5. Participate in Sober Living Home Events

Most sober living homes will have various events where residents can invite their friends and family, such as potluck dinners and game nights. Participating in these events shows your friend you care about their recovery and your friendship. 

How Sober Living Helps Your Friend

Maintaining sobriety is crucial for your friend. Their time at a sober living house further reinforces their recovery and enables them with the tools and skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety. Furthermore, you will notice your friend will start to look healthier and have a renewed sense of strength and energy. 

These changes are just some of the benefits your friend gains by residing in a sober living house. Additionally, during their residency, they continue to learn how to live independently. So, when they are ready to move out, they will have laid the groundwork for their new sober life. 

Sober Living for Young Men in Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a friend who keeps lapsing and struggles with maintaining their sobriety? Let them know they can get help by moving into a sober living house for young men in Los Angeles, CA, at New Life House. By encouraging them to move into one of our residential homes, you are supporting your friend’s recovery from addiction. We have several homes in the Los Angeles area, including Redondo Beach, for young men in specific age ranges. 

To learn more about our sober living homes and what your friend needs to do to move in, call or visit our admissions page today.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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