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You may have heard about sober living for men but aren’t sure what this type of addiction treatment is all about. New Life House in Los Angeles, CA provides quality care in a comfortable home setting that allows young men to focus on their recovery from substance use disorders. Living in this type of environment helps them enjoy the support of co-residents and the support system we offer, which aids in making sobriety become second nature.

What is Sober Living for Men?

Sober living houses are usually located in actual homes that provide housing for individuals in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. They often provide access to additional sources for treatment options like individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, and holistic therapy. Within the home, residents learn to cohabitate with their roommates and often share in duties like housekeeping and cooking. House meetings are held and residents may be expected to participate in drug testing and curfews.

How Men Benefit from Sober Living 

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction usually begins with a detoxification program. Once this is completed, men face a number of choices for their next step in treatment. Some enter residential programs, which require them to live in a facility around the clock. Others return to their homes and use outpatient treatment programs. A third choice often proves to be the most beneficial for young men looking for something between residential and outpatient care – sober living for men.

One key factor to think about when considering returning home after detox has to do with what sort of home environment a person is returning to. If the living situation is not positive and there aren’t supportive people who will help make the person’s sobriety a focus, this situation can be a threat to their recovery. A sober living home allows individuals who don’t need the concentrated focus of residential care to live independently while still part of a group of like-minded men. Many young men who share space in a sober living for men continue to stay in contact after they leave, which provides a valuable resource for the support they’ll need down the line.

Sober living homes in Los Angeles, CA often allow residents to work part-time or attend school while in residence. These opportunities let young men establish routines and keep to their schedules while still having valuable resources within the home. 

These homes also provide services like learning basic life skills, including writing a resume, how to search for and keep a job, cooking, and basic housekeeping chores. For many men, these skills were lost during their addiction or sometimes not yet fully understood. Learning how to implement them so that they become habits allows for an easier transition once they return to their homes. 

Advantages of Gender-Specific Sober Living for Men 

While many sober living homes are co-ed, a lot of people find an advantage in selecting a gender-specific home. Men are socialized in great part to repress their emotions and make a priority of appearing to be strong at all times. Part of being in recovery from addiction involves allowing themselves to open up and talk about painful emotions and challenging situations. In a sober living home for men only, the residents often find it easier to engage in honest communication about their struggles and fears when surrounded by other young men. 

Most experts agree that people who are new to recovery from addiction should avoid beginning romantic or sexual relationships for approximately one year. While romantic and sexual relationships can develop in any sober living home, they are statistically less likely to happen in gender-specific ones. Without the temptation of a romantic encounter, male residents can focus better on their recovery and learn how to develop a healthy relationship with themselves first.

Furthermore, men in recovery for substance use disorders tend to be more competitive and sometimes combative or aggressive during treatment. When they are divided into gender groups, these tendencies can be fully addressed with positive results. Being in a gender-specific environment, particularly for younger men, provides them with a safe outlet for their specific issues, which provides quicker results for resolving them.

Our Sober Living Program for Men

New Life House in Los Angeles, CA has spent decades helping young men and understands what approaches work best for our residents. Our approach provides our clients with several programs to help them focus on lifelong recovery from addiction. Our programming choices include:

Outpatient Programming: This puts the spotlight on gradual transitioning back to independent living. Our outpatient programs include individual therapy, medication management, and holistic therapy. We also provide a case manager for each resident. The case manager’s job is to understand the unique needs of their clients, communicate with those providing treatment for them, and help the men stay on track. 

Educational Programming: Our Director of Education meets with each resident, assesses their needs, and helps them start participating in our Learning Center. We help our residents explore all of their options for traditional colleges, trade schools, and vocation certification programs. This allows them to begin or return to educational goals that will serve them well as they move further into sober adulthood.

Family Programming: It’s important for us to make sure the families of our residents feel they are part of an extended family unit that comes together to help their loved ones. We include parents and family in our overall treatment program, allowing them to be part of the solution while their family member attends sober living treatment.  

Alumni Programming: The support a person receives from New Life House doesn’t end when they move out of our sober living house. We provide alumni with opportunities to receive ongoing support. Many participate in activities designed for them, as well as enjoy offering support to current residents who can benefit from their experience and guidance.

Sober Living for Men in Los Angeles

If you are looking for the right program to help strengthen your recovery from addiction, a sober living home may be exactly what you need. Our residents enjoy living in beautiful, modern homes with like-minded individuals dedicated to living life as sober men. We provide access to outpatient, family, and educational programs, along with alumni services. Contact New Life House in Los Angeles today and learn why sober living for men can help you. 


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