Recovery: A Lifelong Journey

“My son went to New Life in 2013 around his senior year in high school. Before my son went to New Life, he had been in and out of the 90-day rehab programs. He also went to a wilderness camp in Idaho. I remember the day I had to check him out of the hospital but knowing I could not take him home because it would be too risky and dangerous.

By some miracle, a friend told us about New Life House. I called that night and was told to attend a family BBQ gathering that weekend with my son. I didn’t know what to expect. I was so surprised to see all these young men telling the same stories as my son’s. I also met some parents going through the same things I was going through. Finally, I met some people I can relate to and who understand me, without me being embarrassed or being judged. That was such a relief! I left my son at New Life and prayed for the best. I saw a big change in him in just a few months. My son was back to the real him; the nice, happy, and confident young man that he was before he fell deep into his addiction. It was almost unbelievable that the son we almost lost to addiction was later mentoring other young men. He graduated high school and got his first job while at New Life.

My son was sober for a few years until life happened for him and he relapsed in 2019. Again, I am so grateful to have a place to go back to after all those years. My son once again went back to New Life and was lucky to have a place he can call home. He just graduated from New Life and moved out few months ago. I am so thankful to have known New Life for all this time. I am thankful most especially to the great staff for giving us our life back and for all the support they have provided us during our most difficult times. As the saying goes ‘Recovery is not a destination, but a lifelong journey.’ Thank you to New Life and to the staff for your never-ending support!”


Last Updated on September 12, 2023


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577