Real Recovery Success Story: Ryan R.

Real Recovery Success Story

Ryan R.

For this weeks Real Recovery Success Story we spent some time with Ryan R, a New Life House Alumni who was fortunate enough to find sobriety at 17 years old!

New Life House: How much time sober do you have?

Ryan: I will have 5 years in October.

NLH: What were your experiences like in programs before New Life like?

Ryan: Relapsing while inside was a common occurrence, also continuing to use within 24 hours of leaving those programs – I definitely was not ready to get sober.

NLH: How old were you when you got sober this time?

Ryan: I was 17.

NLH: What is the most difficult part of getting sober this young?

Ryan: The most difficult part was definitely gaining the maturity to understand the severity of my situation and disease.

NLH: What has been the best part about getting sober this young?

Ryan: Adapting to the lifestyle that recovery promotes at an early age has allowed me to challenge myself to experience so many things I never thought possible at an early age.

NLH: What are some of these experiences?

Ryan: Starting a business from the ground up, being a pillar in my family, being looked to as a guide and mentor, experiencing my first adult relationship with a woman, becoming very goal oriented, figuring out my talents while exploring my passions. These are all still so crazy to me!

NLH: Let’s talk about some of the major challenges that you have had to overcome since moving out of the recovery house

Ryan: Honestly, I was in a long term relationship and one of the biggest challenges has been understanding how to remain healthy since it ended. Also, just finding balance as a responsible adult has been difficult, but I learned to embrace these challenges as they come.

NLH: Earlier you mentioned business, what type of business did you start?

Ryan: I started my own business in Residential Real Estate sales.

NLH: What has business looked like last year?

Ryan: Just starting out I had to build it from the ground up which was many strenuous hours, but it looks like my hard work is paying off – by the end of the year my home sale volume will be just under $10 million.

NLH: What are your goals for next year?

Ryan: My goal is to at least double my home sale volume but more importantly, to get an even deeper understanding of the sales business and become a coach within my company to train up and coming real estate agents. I am also looking to hire a few assistants and create more of a team aspect in the industry.

NLH: Most importantly, how are you currently doing with your AA program?

Ryan: By the end of next year I will hopefully be done with all of the amends that I still owe to certain people and will have all of the money that I stole in my addiction payed back to those people. I am currently sponsoring 6 other men who are all beginning to sponsor younger guys themselves. I am still involved with giving guys from the house rides to meetings and attending meetings myself. Another cool thing I did this year was I completed a few spiritual outside reading books which have really helped me connect more with my higher power.

NLH: Any final words?

Ryan: Thank God for the incredible examples I was introduced to early on at New Life House. I am so grateful for their guidance!

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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