Real Recovery Success Story | Myles B.

Real Recovery Success Story | Myles B.

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with New Life House Alumni Myles B!

New Life House: How old are you?

Myles: 24 years old.

NLH: What’s your sobriety date?

Myles: 08/03/12

NLH: What was the catalyst for you coming into the house?

Myles: I got a DUI, and went to Jail for that. I got high for a week after I got out and when my family came home they luckily tricked me into coming into the house because I did not want to be sober. I needed to get sober, I just didn’t want to at that point, but fortunately I was out of options.

NLH: What was it like getting sober at 19?

Myles: I had a terrible attitude at first, I always wanted what I wanted when I wanted it, and had that “how dare you tell me otherwise” attitude going on. I was really distant from the program at first, but once I accepted and internalized the program I was able to get passionate about the process and grew up. I didn’t struggle identifying with the concept of being an alcoholic I just didn’t know if I wanted to be sober. As a result, I was extremely defiant at first but once I had a spiritual awakening I was able to embrace the change because the way I thought about everything changed. I didn’t realize that there was a program with all the answers for all the things I struggled with. It was a trip at first, because I didn’t realize that there were so many kids my age struggling with the same issues.

NLH: What were your biggest struggles in the house?

Myles: I was told I was arrogant and had a really hard time taking in advice from those around me, I thought I had all the answers but clearly I didn’t at that time. It took me about 3 months to buy into the process, but once I accepted the fact that I couldn’t get high anymore, everything changed. I was being defiant, for no reason other than being defiant, and it was a part of me that was so hard to change.

NLH: How has your identity evolved in sobriety?

Myles: I grew up through the process, I have found out who I am as a result of being sober, and I’ve been able to show up and be the best person I can be in every situation I find myself in.

NLH: In what ways did New Life set you up for success?

Myles: To be honest, in literally every single way possible, I wouldn’t have the ability to be successful without the house. It instilled honesty, integrity and other core values, how to show up when I didn’t want to, how to treat people with respect and dignity, and even taught me how to take care of myself and other people. At the end of the day New Life taught me how to be a good person.

NLH: Where do you work now and what do you do?

Myles: I work at AKA Beverly Hills and I’m a resident advisor. I help run the front desk, and am responsible for managing the other areas of the hotel.

NLH: How’d you get involved with that?

Myles: I moved up to LA, and actually another graduate from the house was working there, he helped get me into the interview and as a result I got the job!

NLH: Have you discovered any new passions or hobbies in sobriety?

Myles: The ability to be sober has given me direct access to be able to take up or re-take up things that I could not do when I was using. I’ve been training in Brazilian Jujitsu, and I play a lot of sports. I’m really into skateboarding and I never got to do that when I was using, so it’s nice to be able to get back to my hobbies. I have actually gotten really into meditation and have experienced great results by being regiment. I have tried a bunch of different techniques and have been really excited and consistent with my practice, meditation has been the biggest factor in the state of mind I carry with me today. I also do yoga daily and it has been another big factor in my sobriety, I stretch throughout the day and with the jujitsu training it has been a great tool to even out and re-align my body daily with the help of a foam roller. I could go on for days about meditation and yoga, and would recommend it for everyone because of the benefits I’ve received. I’m really into being healthy now and as a result I feel great.

NLH: Are you back in school?

Myles: Yes, I’ve been back for a few years at El Camino College. I’m finishing up my general education and my plan for right now is to transfer to Berkley for Political Science with a minor in communications.

NLH: What are your goals for this year?

Myles: I’m currently training to run a marathon in two weeks!

NLH: Do you have any advice for people in recovery?

Myles: Do healthy activities and be honest. Being honest is the most important advice I can give to stay sober, and supplement that with taking care of your mind body and soul and see what happens; then give it back ten fold.

Thanks for your time Myles!

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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