It Was a Miracle

New Life House is an accurate name for this amazing Sober Living.  It really gives our sons who have been struggling with addiction a New Life – a renewed life – a new way of life. “Sober living” doesn’t really describe what they do at New Life House. They do way more than most sober livings. Our son had been in sober livings before – quite a few different sober livings (and treatment programs), but he was never able to stay sober for any length of time.

He never took a one year cake in AA, until he chose to go to New Life House.  New Life teaches more than sobriety. It teaches young men who are struggling with addiction how to live life on life’s terms.  It takes the most challenged alcoholic/addict who often has tried a variety of different treatment programs or sober livings, without any lasting change, and teaches them how to be honorable, giving, truly amazing men. Our son went through Miracle House, which is the New Life house for the older group of guys. I don’t know if it is named Miracle House because it is in the Miracle Mile or because Miracles happen in that house. But I do know what happened with our son when he went there is a Miracle.

He had been through many programs and sober livings, but none of them ever resulted in him taking a one-year cake; until the miracle at Miracle House. Before Miracle House, the longest he had ever been able to remain sober was 6 months. And it is not because he didn’t want to be sober. He did. But he needed the structure, the accountability, and most of all the love and support that he was given and now shares with others at Miracle House.  This is how he put it when he took his one year cake there: “It took me 9 years to get 1 year”. This is how I put it – ” Thank you God for Miracle House”. If you are reading this and your son is struggling with addiction, and especially if he has tried other programs but not been able to stay sober, I really encourage you to call and talk to one of the managers at New Life House. I remember when I made that call, I could tell that it was structured a lot like the one sober living where my son got sober for 6 months, but there was more to this program. There was a genuine level of care, commitment and accountability that seemed to be missing from other programs he had been in. I could tell it was different.  It is different. It is better. It is a miracle.

-Teri T., New Life House alumni mother

Last Updated on February 22, 2024


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