Getting Sober for his Son

In March 2020, our son had the courage to board a flight for LA.  He had a one- way ticket to a recovery program, 1,800 miles from our home, leaving behind his 6-year-old son. Graduates from the community had agreed to meet him at the gate. I can honestly say we were terrified.

His anxiety of losing contact with his young son, was addressed by New Life. With the help and guidance of New Life’s program, he remained in his son’s life and in the program. Google duo, zoom calls, and short phone calls daily, allowed him to be successful and concentrate on his program. 

New Life House Recovery is not easy, requiring the courage to face your addiction and the commitment to make changes. 

He has grown into a sober, whole and responsible adult. We are thankful for the staff at New Life House for their guidance and support during his time at Miracle House. He remains committed to his son’s future and his sobriety. Not only is he a father, but we finally have our son back.  

-Ann L., A New Life House Mother

Last Updated on February 21, 2024


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