Best Sober Living for Young Men: How to Find It

Finding the best sober living for young men requires making some serious decisions. For example, you want to find a men’s sober living home in the most convenient location for you. This location could be far away from where you live or nearby to your family and loved ones. 

Some young adults find that choosing a sober life away from their formal additive life is better because it allows them to start over in a new city. Other people decide to select a facility closer to home when they have support from their family and loved ones. 

Other key considerations you should evaluate include:

  • What sort of structure and rules does the house have? Ideally, you want to choose a sober living home that provides a structured environment to help hold you accountable and focused on your sobriety.
  • What sort of ongoing support and guidance is offered as you continue working on your recovery? You want a house that provides access to ongoing rehab treatment programs, group and individual support options, and programs designed to teach you how to live an independent sober lifestyle. 
  • How comfortable do you feel when you tour the home? You want to feel like you belong from the moment you step inside the door. You also need to be comfortable with your surroundings and other residents to focus on you without distractions. 

Why Choose an Age-Specific Sober Living Home?

Another critical decision you need to make when evaluating homes for sober living for young adults is if you want to live in an age-specific sober living house. Young adults tend to have different social skills, emotional ages, and life experiences compared to older adults. As such, their needs are different and require different approaches to help them maintain their sobriety. 

By choosing an age-specific sober living home, you are surrounded by other people near your age. Therefore, it is easier for you to relate to others in the home while working together to build a powerful sense of community and belonging. Furthermore, age-specific houses make it possible to develop life-long friendships and peer support as you move forward in your life. 

Why Choose a Gender-Specific Sober Living Home?

When you want to find the best home for sober living for young adults, you should choose a gender-specific house. Young men and young women have several differences, even in recovery, that can affect the outcomes when placed in a coed setting.

For starters, the reasons for alcohol or drug addiction can vary between the sexes. For example, some young people turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with physical and sexual abuse. Others may have low self-esteem and turn to drugs and alcohol to feel more relaxed in social settings. 

Many young men may find it uncomfortable and more difficult to relate to others in a coed environment. As a result, they can remain more reserved and less open to confiding in others, especially when young women are present in the house. 

Yet, in a sober living home for young men, they can feel more at ease opening up and sharing with other young men. 

As you can see, choosing a gender-specific home creates a more comfortable environment where you feel understood. Therefore, increasing the likelihood and willingness to openly share your experiences – ultimately moving your recovery forward. 

What Is the Best Sober Living for Young Men?

To summarize, the best program for sober living for young adults is choosing a house that offers:

  • A Structured Environment
  • Age-Specific Residents
  • Gender-Specific Residents
  • Support for Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse
  • Accountability with Consequences
  • Access to Recovery Support Groups and Guidance
  • Teaches You How to Live Independently
  • Access to Education and Career Opportunities
  • Makes You Feel Comfortable, Safe, and Supported
  • Opportunities to Form Bonds with Your Peers
  • Allows You to Create Life-long Friendships
  • Sets You Up For Future Success Living Sober
  • Connection to a Treatment Center that Treats Substance Use Disorders

What Are Some Other Considerations in Choosing a Sober Living?

You need to remember you will be living together in a structured sober environment with other individuals. By choosing an age-specific and gender-specific sober living home for young men, you will find it more comfortable to be around those who are the same gender, which helps develop a community of sober friends.

In addition, it is easier to focus on developing essential basic life skills many young men lack. You also do not need to worry about feeling validated by the opposite sex or feeling uncomfortable opening up and expressing your feelings and emotions.

Most importantly, you want to find a sober living facility that allows you to remain a resident for however long you want to stay. Young adults progress differently, so you should never feel you need to “catch up” to others. Instead, you should be free to focus on your personal growth and healing yourself without any added pressure.

Best Sober Living in Los Angeles CA

When you are a young man looking for the best sober living in Los Angeles for young adults recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, you should consider becoming a resident at New Life House. We have some of the best age-specific sober living homes in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach. 

Each house provides a supportive, structured, caring, and stable environment where you live with other male residents your own age each striving for long-term sobriety. To learn more about our sober living homes and how to become a resident, please feel free to contact us.

Last Updated on April 14, 2023


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