Beacon Of Light – How My Son Is Finally Recovering From Drug Addiction

After years of highs and lows, countless rehabs, hospital stays in the Psychiatric Ward, calls from the police and a failed detox (he checked himself out after one day), I was afraid I was losing my son.

It seemed that there was nothing my husband and I could do to help him as he spiraled out of control on heroin. There was nothing my son wouldn’t do to acquire his drugs. We felt lost and were afraid for him and of him.

Cheating and lying had become his way of life and he was no longer able to make good decisions. His poor choices landed him in jail and facing 8 years in Prison. Life had become a living Hell for all of us. We hired a wonderful Lawyer, who somehow, convinced the Judge to send him to New Life House for 18 months instead of Prison. We did not know at that time, that, that decision would save our son’s life.

After 9 months in jail, he came home for one night (a sleepless night for me) and then straight up to New Life House. We went through the in-take process swiftly. My son was clear headed and attentive. I remember him saying ” I won’t give you any trouble “…that’s when my tears started to flow and knew it was time to say goodbye. I had to trust that I had left him in good hands and that he would actually stay and not wind up in Prison.

It has been over 2 years since the day I dropped him off at New Life and my son is thriving. He was broken and now he is whole. He is grateful, honest, respectful of himself and others. He is happy and healthy and proud of himself.  He has a job that he loves and is making a difference in the lives of other’s.

He is a blessing to be around, our relationship was spiraling out of control and now he is the sweetest boy that I once knew again. We can stand being around each other which wasn’t the story before. We’ve grown a lot and on both of our parts have put a lot of attention towards making our relationship a strong one.

New Life’s structured 12 Step program with its dedicated, caring staff showed and taught him how to live a sober life again. New Life staff always kept us up to date on our son’s progress or would call with concerns when needed. Living somewhat local, we were able to attend Family bi-weekly meetings that kept us a part of our son’s journey, which I feel was such an important part of the healing process for us.

I thank God every day for New Life House, for our New Life families who all support each other and for being able to be a part of it all, for having the privilege to watch as the young men of the house take charge of their lives and learn to be comfortable in their own skin, for the friendships our son has made in the house and at meetings, for our wonderful Lawyer, who pointed us in the right direction and for the Judge that let him. Last but not least, I thank God for my son’s will, determination and his love.

Thank you New Life, I’m forever grateful!

Sharon B, New Life House Alumni Mother

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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