Awarded a New Life

How do I begin to thank New Life House for saving my son’s life. The sober, hardworking, respectful, physically and mentally strong and happy to be alive young adult my son has learned to become, impresses me each and everyday. I have witnessed my son Erik be awarded a new life in which we are overjoyed to witness. His journey to sobriety has been a true miracle to us, him, and a true blessing as well. When my son left New York to go to Los Angeles, he was sad and lost in active addiction with an incredibly unmanageable daily routine that was destroying his spirit and zest for life. Consequently, our family too was suffering, yet we had faith that this trip to California would teach him how to live a life of sobriety. I wanted my son back and I knew his family’s love alone would not be enough to battle the addiction. 

I can proudly say today my son is 17 months sober and has the tools for coping in the real world. Thank you to New Life House and their hardworking and dedicated staff who have instilled in him accountability for his actions, daily self-care skills and the different programs which have guided him every step of the way. It’s hard to articulate the fascination I have with his new life in recovery. I have witnessed him progress mentally, physically and spiritually in ways I knew possible yet I didn’t know how it would become possible. His success in this program has filled my heart with joy! It can be witnessed if one would just let go and let New Life facilitate in utilizing their professional staff in making everlasting change in your loved one’s life. They teach coping skills that allow these young men to pick and choose accordingly from their tool box in order to help navigate through their new life. These real life skills benefit them greatly for years to come. 

I am so glad we both fought hard from the beginning of the program and listened to the house managers as they are the experts at saving our son’s life. I can finally sleep peacefully at night, knowing my son is safe. New Life House has surpassed my expectations. Not only did they teach my son how to live a fulfilling life in sobriety but most importantly they have taught him how to be resilient and self-disciplined. They focus on every level of care, taking the mind, body, and soul into careful consideration. Their focus on the whole individual ensures success. We are forever grateful for this amazing opportunity which has turned dark cloudy skies, into bright sunny days pouring with hope and love.

–New Life House mother

Last Updated on February 21, 2024


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