A Tour of New Life House

Video Transcription:

Welcome to New Life House! My name is Howard Barker and today I want to take you on a tour of one of our facilities and give you an idea of what to expect if you have a loved one or a client coming to stay with us.

New Life House has been around since 1985 and as a pioneer of the age-specific recovery community, we’re passionate about helping young men and their families recover, heal, and build purpose driven lives. We know that healthy community and behavioral change are necessary to effect long lasting recovery. All of our homes are focused on providing the guys with safe, comfortable, and stimulating environments where they can recover and grow towards health and true independence.

Our first stop is the main meeting room. All of our homes have custom designed rooms like these that are used for house meetings with the guys, alumni and their families. And when not being used for house meetings, they make great theaters for sports and movies.

We take safety seriously. This is one of our night manager rooms. We have live-in night managers that are on premises all night, a comprehensive camera and silent alarm system on all doors and windows, and 24 hour awake staff to monitor everything.

The kitchen and dining room is where a lot of the magic happens. There’s a big emphasis on life skills at New Life House and so all of our guys learn how to plan out meals, prepare ingredients, and ultimately to cook for their brothers in the house. Everyday, our guys get together to eat, work through struggles and reconnect with each other as they sit down with staff for a family dinner, processing the day’s events.

Education is another important part of New Life House. Our young men that have yet to finish high school are able to participate in our hybrid diploma program with the local North High School. Post high school, we have a comprehensive education curriculum with a variety of different tracks for our guys to choose to follow including college, trade school, and a number of different professional certifications.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this hallway is our biography. We have over 35 years of history represented here.

We also put a lot of energy into bedroom selection. We match new guys with guys with more time so there’s always an element of healthy mentorship at play even outside of staff interaction. This is one of our main offices. And that’s David, our program director, who you might already know.

Each of our homes also houses a gym. We believe whole-person health is an important part of recovery from a balanced diet to exercise. We also have large, outdoor spaces designed at each of our homes to accommodate our bimonthly family meetings. There’s an emphasis on recovery for the entire family, not just the guys in the houses. We make it a priority for our families to feel connected, just like our guys in the houses do on a daily basis.

Thanks for coming by today. All of our therapeutic and clinical work is done down the street at Clear Recovery Center. Stay tuned for an upcoming video about that part of the process. If you’d like a client or a loved one to get started on the New Life House journey, feel free to give us a call today.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024


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