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Is your son suffering from drug or alcohol abuse? We understand how painful it can be to watch someone you love struggle with addiction.

Throughout the years, New Life House’s 12 Step Program has helped addicts and their families manage the recovery process. Many other treatment methods are ineffective because they only address problems temporarily. In this regard, the 12 Step Program is unique.  It offers a permanent solution by paving the way for a lifetime of healing. Call us today at (888) 357-7577 to learn how we can help you and your family.

What Is the 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is a set of guidelines originally presented by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). It has since been adopted to treat any kind of substance abuse.

New Life House uses these basic guidelines to help young men manage and overcome their addiction. The program utilizes an active relationship with a sponsor, community development, and spirituality. The 12 Step Program at NLH is one of the most effective and comprehensive treatment methods. If you feel that your son may benefit from such an extensive program, don’t hesitate to contact New Life House today. Call us at (888) 357-7577.

How Does It Work?

It’s important to understand that the path to sobriety is complicated. There is more involved than just restricting access to the abused substance. Primarily, New Life House is a sober living facility that prohibits drugs and alcohol. However, we believe that addicts must go through lifestyle changes in order to recover.

The 12 Step Program allows them to do just that. They will develop new, healthier ways of thinking about and managing their struggles. Only then will an addict gain the ability to overcome their addiction. And through that, they will be able to better manage their relationships.

Members will be assigned a sponsor to help them through the treatment program. They are also expected to attend regular meetings to work through the 12 steps. They will be encouraged to share their stories and connect with other members. These experiences will allow addicts to work through their struggles. They will better understand the motivations behind their core behaviors.

By better understanding themselves, members will have the opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms. They’ll learn how to manage their behavior, right wrongs they’ve made, and build a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

The program works using a variety of principles. For one, the access to a unified community allows addicts to see they aren’t alone in their struggles. Sponsors are addicts in recovery. New members have a mentor they can relate to.

Young men often have a hard time recovering because of the lack of fellowship. The friends they surround themselves with might not always be the best influence. Some might even give them a hard time for seeking treatment for addiction.  

The meetings for the 12 Step Program offer a sense of community. It gives members the chance to interact with other addicts. Your son will be surrounded by people his own age who are going through the same thing he is going through. If you think he would benefit from this support system, get in touch with us today by calling (888) 357-7577.

At New Life House, we understand that addiction can accompany a number of other issues. Such issues might include unhealthy living, unmanageability, and anger and behavioral problems. Our 12 Step Program aims to help treat addiction by actively addressing these issues. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, addicts tackle these issues head-on.

The 12 Step Program is also based on the idea that spirituality can act as a guide to recovery. Members are encouraged to find their own understanding of a higher power who will help them on their journey. This will also help hold them accountable for getting better and give them motivation.

It’s important to note that the 12 Step Program acts as a solid foundation for an addict’s treatment. They will attain the tools they need to get better. At the same time, they have to be willing and able to take initiative themselves. Some other things your son will have to focus on while in recovery include:

  • Commitment to the meetings. Attendance at meetings for the 12 Step Program is crucial.  Your son has to commit to being present and make the effort to work on himself.
  • A complete life change. Recovery can only be permanent if an addict commits to changing their lifestyle. They’ll be taught how to manage their ways of thinking and develop healthy behavioral patterns.
  • Getting everything in order. Addicts must get their lives in order by learning how to take care of themselves physically and mentally. They should develop basic living and personal hygiene skills in addition to growing as people.  
  • Keeping an open mind. The recovery process can be painful. Many people might find  themselves feeling uncomfortable and wanting to give up. It’s important for your son to remember to keep an open mind and accept these positive changes in his life.  

The 12 Steps Explained

So what exactly does each part of the 12 Step Program entail? The following list provides a brief overview of how each step is used to help an addict overcome addiction.

Steps 1-3

The first three steps focus on an addict’s relationship with their higher power. It’s important to note that they don’t have to be of a certain religion or even religious to participate. Members have the freedom to find and determine who or what their own higher power is.

  • Step 1. First, an addict must admit that they are powerless over their abused substance. They must acknowledge that their lives have become unmanageable.
  • Step 2. This step involves accepting that a power greater than one’s self can help one overcome the addiction.
  • Step 3. At this point, an addict should turn themselves over to their higher power to help them on their journey.

Steps 4-7

These next three steps allow the addict to work on themselves and discover who they really are.

  • Step 4. An addict will do a deep self-reflection, conducting an honest moral inventory of themselves. They may choose to focus on resentments, fears, and anything else they’ve dealt with because of their addiction.
  • Step 5. This step involves admitting their wrongs to themselves, another person, and their higher power.
  • Step 6. The addict accepts that they are ready to, with the help of their higher power, better themselves.
  • Step 7. They then ask their higher power to help guide their decisions.

Steps 8-9

Because of their substance abuse, addicts often have strained relationships with their loved ones. Steps 8 and 9 will help them rebuild connections they might’ve lost.

  • Step 8. Addicts will be asked to make a list of those they hurt and become willing to make amends.
  • Step 9. At this point, addicts should make amends to those they’ve hurt whenever possible.

Steps 10-12

These last steps are critical to the lasting impact of the 12 Step Program. They focus on teaching techniques addicts can use to help them live a sober life.

  • Step 10. Step 10 involves the addict continuing to be conscious of their mistakes and admitting when they are wrong.
  • Step 11. This step involves maintaining conscious contact with their higher power. Through this relationship, an addict can understand their destiny. They will receive the wisdom and power to carry it out.
  • Step 12. Addicts can use their newfound spiritual awakening to help other addicts. This help goes hand in hand with continuing to live a sober life.

Which Forms of Addiction Does It Work For?

The 12 Step Program originally was created for use in AA meetings. However, it can help young men struggling with any kind of addiction.

At New Life House, the program is in place to help addicts manage a variety of substance abuse problems. Some common addictions young men have overcome here include ones involving alcohol, narcotics, and painkillers.

What Are the Aims of the 12 Step Program?

The 12 Step Program is designed to help addicts directly confront their addiction. By working through the steps, recovering addicts can identify the root causes surrounding their problems. They can also recognize the pain they’ve caused others and themselves. These realizations give addicts a reason to amend their wrongs and make it up to their loved ones.

When it comes to righting wrongs, the 12 Step Program encourages addicts to make amends in addition to apologizing. Addicts will learn how to recognize the problems they’ve caused and rectify them. If they stole money from their parents to buy drugs, for instance, they’ll be encouraged to pay them back.

If you spent sleepless nights worrying about your son, however, he can’t directly make amends for that. This is why we place an emphasis on living amends. Your son will rectify the situation by working hard to live an honest, sober life. If you feel that your son and your family would benefit from this kind of closure, reach out to New Life House today. Call us at (888) 357-7577.

In addition to addressing the past, the 12 Step Program strives to help addicts work towards a better future. Addicts can learn healthy behaviors and understand the most effective ways to manage their addiction.

Ultimately, the 12 Step Program strives to minimize the chance of relapse. It teaches addicts how to manage their addiction while supporting them through the proper resources and community.

How Can the 12 Step Program Help Me or My Child?

Has your son been through countless treatment programs that just aren’t working? The 12 Steps Program takes a unique approach that many have found success through. With the guidance of a sponsor and a supportive community, your son will be able to work through the 12 steps. With the right mindset, he’ll be able to learn healthy ways to manage his addiction. Plus, he’ll understand the importance of making amends and re-building rocky relationships.  

Even though your son will be the one at New Life House, you will also experience healing. When he enrolls in our program, you will find peace of mind. He’ll be in a reputable sober living facility surrounded by professionals who care about his recovery. During his stay, he’ll likely gain the motivation needed to fix relationships with his loved ones (including you).

With the help New Life House, you’ll feel a sense of comfort that you likely haven’t felt since your son’s addiction started. Get in touch with us today if you feel that you and your family would benefit from the help of New Life House.

Reasons Why the 12 Step Program Is So Effective

There are many misconceptions surrounding the 12 Step Program. These confusions have led skeptics to believe that it doesn’t work as promised. Some might have seen the program misrepresented in movies. Or perhaps they heard about a friend not seeing results through it. Some skeptics might even be addicts who tried the program themselves and failed to complete it.

It’s important to keep in mind that anyone can find healing through the 12 Step Program. However, new members have to put in the work to find success. Some reasons why the program is so successful include:

  • The use of spirituality. The original creators of the 12 Step Program were religious. As such, the literature they used for the program constantly referenced God. However, they did not intend for the 12 Steps to convert addicts. Their philosophy simply encourages addicts to find their own higher power throughout their recovery process. This allows everyone to hold themselves accountable to something greater than themselves. Having a higher power makes them more likely to recover.
  • The use of sponsor assignments. At New Life House, young men are assigned a sponsor to help them with the healing process. Because sponsors are addicts in recovery, members have a role model to look up to during their stay. Sponsors guide addicts through the 12 steps, using their own experience with substance abuse to offer relatable advice.
  • Its holistic approach. The 12 Step Program is especially effective because of its holistic approach. Young men who come in for addiction treatment often harbor other unresolved issues. These might include low motivation, problems with self-esteem, etc. These are deeper problems that that can influence core behaviors. The 12 steps address these underlying conditions. The aim is to help addicts overcome their addiction and work on becoming the best version of themselves.
  • Its focus on community. The recovery process can feel very lonely. Even if your son has a supportive family and group of friends, it is likely that you can’t truly relate to his struggles. At New Life House, we pride ourselves on the community we offer to our members. Addicts not only are paired with a sponsor but also encouraged to attend weekly meetings for the 12 Step Program. We want our members to have a safe space to share their stories and work towards sobriety. The best part about our program is that the sense of community doesn’t end when our members leave the sober living facility. Members experience a shared sense of unity and growth. They form connections that they can turn to throughout the rest of their recovery.
  • Its treatment of addiction as a progressive illness. A true 12 Step Program recognizes that addiction is a progressive illness rather than a choice someone makes. Here at New Life House, we understand that, for more people, addiction is a lifelong battle. There isn’t necessarily a cure. However, with the right treatment, addicts can learn to manage their substance abuse and live normal lives.
  • The individual success stories. Granted, there is no solid scientific evidence that suggests that 12 Step Programs are successful. However, this is because of the lack of accurate studies. When researchers attempt to observe how addicts respond to the treatment, there are many variables that prevent reliable results. For instance, addicts who relapse after being sober for many years might consider the 12 Step Program a failure. But who’s to say many years of sobriety is a failure? Especially when remembering that addiction is a mental illness, one should consider any period of sobriety to be a victory.

Why Follow the 12 Step Program at New Life House

Admittedly, the 12 Step Program might not be for everyone. We are all unique and respond differently to varying treatment methods.

Our 12 Step Program, however, will be especially beneficial for those who put the work in. We’ve seen countless cases where addicts not only pursue the path to recovery but also develop and grow as people. In our program, your son will get the opportunity to make amends and work toward a more promising future.

Contact Us Today

If your son suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction, he deserves a treatment program that will help him permanently recover. New Life House’s 12 Step Program can do just that. Here, your son will find a community that will support him every step of the way.

With the help of our sponsors, our holistic approach, and a focus on spiritual healing, permanent recovery is possible. Call us today at (888) 357-7577 to learn more about how we can help your son and your family.


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