“We Left Our Son In The Hands Of The Staff And Residents…”

A little over 17 months ago we walked through the front door of New Life House together with our son. This was not his first attempt at rehab. In hindsight, I’m not sure what we expected, but we were struck by the warmth of the individuals who greeted us upon arrival. After an encouraging meeting with house management, Michael agreed to return the next day to once again begin the process of rehab.  With cautious optimism, we left our son in the hands of the staff and residents of what was to be his new home.

During the initial days and weeks, there was a feeling of relief that ensued…..relief that we wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to find he had slipped out of the house, relief that we could wake up in the morning without worrying if he would still be breathing, relief that no harm would have come to him while we were away at work, relief that our son was in a safe place.  As the months passed, relief turned to hope.  Michael appeared to be accepting his circumstances and the rules and structure of the house. Moreover, he seemed to embrace and even thrive under the candid feedback of his housemates and when instructed to undertake things outside his comfort zone.  Michael was once again becoming communicative and the smile was back. We were beginning to see shades of the old Michael.

Now, after reaching his one-year milestone and most recently achieving graduate status, Michael’s confidence and leadership qualities have returned, along with the warmth and caring intrinsic to his very being.  This process of rehabilitation has been one of healing, growth, and self-awareness.  And while we are well aware that his journey continues, that cautious optimism followed by feelings of relief then hope has now turned to pure optimism for our son’s future.

We are so proud of Michael’s progress, so hopeful for his future, and so grateful to New Life / Miracle House.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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