4 Drugs That Can Be Smoked with a Glass Pipe

If you’ve found a glass pipe in your child’s bedroom and worry they’ve been using drugs that can be smoked, you might be wondering the best way to raise the issue with them. When you confront your child, they’re likely to offer some excuse of holding it for a friend or just trying a drug once.

So, what can be smoked with a glass pipe? Unfortunately, the truth of the matter can be a lot worse than simple experimentation with cannabis. They may say that the glass pipe you’ve found was used for smoking weed, but it can also be used to smoke PCP, crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamines, opium, or other powerful drugs like psychedelic DMT.

Finding drug paraphernalia can be a terrifying realization for any parent. However, you should approach the situation carefully and be as informed as you possibly can before you talk to your child. The following is a breakdown of how to recognize drug use and identify what is being smoked with a glass pipe.

How to Recognize Drug Use and Drugs That Can Be Smoked

An early warning sign that you may see in a child abusing illicit drugs is a change in mannerisms and behavior.

If you notice their friend group has abruptly changed or is frequently changing, this is a sign they could be using drugs and associating with dealers.

They may get angry or aggressive unexpectedly. They may start skipping planned events, withdrawing from social encounters, and making excuses when any of these mishaps are noted.

If you’ve found a glass pipe or any other type of drug paraphernalia, it’s natural to want to know what it’s being used for. Having a clue as to what can be smoked in a glass pipe can give you an idea of how severe their drug problem is.

4 Types of Drug Smoking Paraphernalia

Drug users smoke substances out of a glass pipe because it’s known to be more intense than other means. They also use pipes because it’s more comfortable than snorting the drug.

There are ultimately many types of dangerous illegal drugs that can be smoked out of glass pipes. To help identify which one your child may be using, look out for any strange smells, foil, spoons, or other potential paraphernalia. If you only find a glass pipe, you can still try to identify the substance they’re using by the design.

  • Marijuana pipe. Weed-smoking pipes can vary in length. However, they all are designed to have a bowl-type structure at the end and a tiny hole on the side of the bowl. If they’re smoking marijuana, you’ll notice a lingering smell of burnt cannabis around their room or the area they smoke.
  • Crack-cocaine pipe. Pipes used to smoke crack cocaine have a distinct shape. They are typically straight, long tubes of glass that are often sold as “oil burners.” If your teen is smoking crack, you may notice a pungent smell that resembles a mix of urine and burning plastic.
  • Methamphetamine pipe. Meth pipes can look like weed pipes. However, instead of a bowl at the end of the pipe, this type will have a bulb at one end. Crystal meth leaves a burnt or yellow streak on the glass of the pipe. If your kid is using crystal meth, the smoke the pipe produces will create a thicker cloud than that created from smoking weed. The smell of the substance doesn’t linger as long as cannabis, but it does leave a stale chemical odor behind.
  • PCP pipe. People often smoke PCP out of whatever pipe they have around. Oftentimes, that pipe will be a bowl used for smoking marijuana or a meth pipe. PCP is known to give off a chemical-like smell that’s often described as a bit “leafy” but mostly like a permanent marker.

Drug Use Excuses

When you confront your child about their substance abuse, they will likely offer up an excuse or pass it off as harmless recreational weed use.

Remember to approach the topic gently. Don’t get aggressive or hostile when they give excuses or become hostile themselves. They’ll do all that they can to convince you that what they’re doing is not a big deal.

Be patient with what they’re going through, and seek help with them when they need it.


If you have found suspected evidence of drug use by your child, do your research. Several are illegal drugs that can be smoked out of a pipe. The design of the item and other clues can help you identify the drug.

From there, you can get help for your child by seeking help from a professional. New Life House is a sober living home for young men – get in touch with us today to find out more about supporting your child.


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